Trưởng phòng QC - tiếng Nhật tại Hà Nam (Lương 30M)

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Job Type: Permanent
Salary US$800 - US$1000 per month
Specialization: Manufacturing & Industrial
Sub Specialization:
Contact: Nguyen Ha Minh
Reference: JO-1809-402398

  • The candidate needs to follow the methods, design and setup the standard requirements of IQC/IPQC/OQC/Other inspections by quality manual procedures.
    候補者は、品質マニュアル手順書に従い、IQC/IPQC/OQC/Other Inspection の製品品質チェックの標準要件を構築・設計・セットアップする方法を守る必要があります。
  • Guarantee our product quality meet customer's standard requirement before shipment.
  • Give out the treatment method for NG products, policy or system for minimize NG products coming out.
    NG 製品の流出を最小限に抑えるため、NG 製品、ポリシー、またはシステムの処理方法を教えてください。
  • Conduct specification trainings for workers, instructors, supervisors to understand the product's specification and technical requirements.
  • Build up and report to top management about quality target and implementation plan as monthly, quarterly and yearly strategies.
    質の高い目標と実施計画を月次・四半期・年次戦略として設定し、Top 管理者へ報告する。
  • At the mass production stage, the candidate need to monitor and control the whole quality process, especially from sample making until final finished product after shipment.
  • Contact, communication and feedback to customers all incoming issues related to DYVN's quality.
    DYVN の品質に関連するすべての問題をお客様に連絡・伝達・フィードバックする。
  • Supervision and training of local workers.
  • Seek for defective inspection method with Engineer.