Mechanical Section Manager (~35tr)

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Job Type: Permanent
Salary US$1300 - US$1500 per month
Specialization: Mechanical Engineer
Sub Specialization:
Contact: Nguyen Ha Minh
Reference: JO-1808-400778

BASIC FUNCTION (Chức năng chính)
Directs and supervises the process engineering activities in the plant that includes studying plant problems, carrying out troubleshooting and de-bottlenecking, and provides solution to the detected problems. Monitors performance of the operating line to ensure optimum yields and minimum consumption of material and undertakes loss prevention related to improve operating efficiency of plants in order to achieve best economic results. Optimizes operations costs, modifications and new projects. Reviews new projects design basis and follows up on execution of start-up and test-runs for such projects.

RELATIONSHIPS (Quan hệ trong công việc)

  • Report to Engineering Manager and or Plant Manager.
  • Exercise direct control over maintenance supervisor, sparepart, tooling and workshop supervisor, Safety and environment supervisor, engineering consultant.
  • Follow production activity.
  • Work closely with Production manager, QA Manager and other department manager.

AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY (Phạm vi trách nhiệm)

  • Monitoring of Daily Performance
  • Reviews reports prepared by Supervisors / Team Leader. Discusses irregularities/ abnormalities and advises on the actions to be taken for troubleshooting. If required, discusses with other departments) and provides troubleshooting/ recommendations. In order to ensure optimum operating conditions for plants and to ensure desired yields and specifications in line with Production Schedule that meets marketing demands.
  • Identification of Problems & Remedial Measures
  • Identifies problem areas, discusses and recommends solutions in collaboration with Engineering Supervisor, QA Supervisor and Production Supervisor to attain the most suitable and cost effective solutions to the problems.
  • Execution of test runs: Guides and directs for execution of test runs on plants and processes. Ensuring that all precautions are in accordance with company's HSE standards in order to establish optimum parameters as well as provision of prompt remedial solutions.
  • Evaluation of Existing Technology
  • Directs the evaluation of existing technology and new developments/technology to determine its suitability/ feasibility prior to replacement, revamping of existing facilities. To ensure that feasibility studies are undertaken in an optimum manner prior to replacement of existing facilities or adopting new technology to avoid un-necessary expenditure.
  • Application of Modern Tools
  • Ensures the application of all modern tools, simulation models etc. To ensure that optimum performance is achieved.
  • Energy Conservation/ Electricity, gas and water
  • Directs and guides the measures to be taken for energy conservation ensuring that consumptions are at optimum levels.
  • Capital/ Operating Budgets
  • Directs engineers in the preparation of capital and operating budgets based on past and present performance of the plant, processes, and new technological developments. To ensure that all required information are incorporated to produce an effective budget.
  • Responsible for making industrial environment impacting report as required by local environment authorities.