Data Analyst ($1500 - $5000)

Location: Vietnam
Job Type: Permanent
Specialization: Banking & Financial Services
Sub Specialization: Analyst / Research, Retail Banking
Contact: Ms. Phuong Nguyen


- Identify, analyze and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets using script languages
- Perform statistical modeling and analysis of structured and unstructured datasets to develop metrics, reports, and visualizations of trends and patterns
- Use data visualization programs, tools, and techniques to generate dashboards, reports, and presentations that aid in data storytelling, understanding and interpretation of trends and patterns of business importance to provide meanings to data produce
- Create and maintain statistical models for ongoing and ad hoc review and analysis of data
- Understand data requirements from within and outside of the tribe and analyze the needs of the business while assisting senior tribe members to develop the required technical requirements
- Communicate and align with stakeholders on the purpose and impact of analytical solutions on business.


- 3 - 4 years of relevant experience in data-related roles
- Experience in data management, ETL and analysis functions
- Experience with data analysis and BI tools such as Tableau, Qlik View, Spark
- Basic knowledge on Python, SQL, Scala or Java Agile / Digital Experience
- Strong understanding of Agile methodology and practices.
- Experience working in Agile teams or in a collaborative team environment which includes discussions around creative reviews, giving and receiving constructive feedback to and from team members and clients.

- Bachelor's degree in statistics, mathematics, quantitative analysis, computer science, software engineering or information technology