Chemical Engineer

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Job Type: Permanent
Salary Negotiable
Specialization: Chemical Engineer
Sub Specialization:
Contact: Chau Cao Thi Bao
Reference: JO-2003-436827


· Collaborate with the Development Gender Heads and Development Resources, Innovation, Value engineering and functional counterparts to develop and support transition of new chemical technology to inline through manufacturing

· Maintain connectivity with innovation resources and execution of product category specific innovation


· To own the primary relationship with Chemical/Compound/Component suppliers and representative offices.
· To be the off-shore point of contact for Chemical/Compound/component related issues during innovation, sampling and production stages for Product teams, including price negotiation, risk mitigation, MOQ surcharge and resolution of supplier/shoe factory disputes.
· To understand shoe specifications and construction to ensure fit for purpose principles are adhered to so that appropriate compounds/components are specified in terms of aesthetic, technical and physical properties during development stage.
· Create & support product category, functional and strategic goals and initiatives aimed at supporting product, process and innovation excellence in chemical/compound area.
· Provide fact based feedback to SVP of Global Sourcing Ops and Materials Head on Fty capacity & capability to support Strategic & Chemical/Component Sourcing and Product Creation decisions
· Provide fact based analysis on Chemical engineering & manufacturing related investment strategies to ensure factory partner investments support Clark's long term business interests
· Lead Chemical engineering aspects of cross categorical quality agenda
· Collaborate with counterparts and factory teams in the development of Chemical BP's
· Ensures functional product and process best practices are communicated and applied throughout the product process and balanced with BP's
· Work w/ material team counterparts to support timely data integrity, performance KPI's and related reporting to support the product process from brief to box
· Chemical vendor management, including but not limited to vendor approval & price confirmation and general source strategy development
· Determine formulations being used in all outsoles and mid soles and other components. Review with the aim of determining suitability and standardization.
· Make recommendations as to uniformity of these formulations so that individual suppliers are working to identical formulas and specifications.
· Implement standard formulas across our supplier base, both contract factories and raw material suppliers.
· Utilize Material Test Standards to evaluate the testing profiles (description) for existing and proposed new materials in order to ensure the meeting of minimum specifications. Make recommendations to changes in standards
· Follow up on any Chemical/compound related RSL issues. Stay up to date with changes in regulations relating to this subject.
· Support Ad-Hoc chemical oriented Projects and / or reporting as assigned by manager.

· Provide functional coaching, mentoring, goal setting and development planning for all related counterparts where needed that require Chemical/Component Supply chain knowledge
· Enable functional connection between offshore team and Dev center factory counterparts through coaching and mentoring to drive Chemical functional excellence

· Responsible for collaborating to create and prioritize Chemical Engineering operational goals and objectives while balancing with sourcing operations needs/goals.
· Collaborate with Value Engineering to align in support of VE goals
· Collaborate with other functions to support Sustainability and Chemical related CSR goals
· Foster communication that supports an inclusive and collaborative team environment across the development categories, functions and factories

Key Outputs/Results:

· Supply base provides Chemicals/Compounds/components and related bonding processes that fully support the needs of the business

· A group of approved & preferred suppliers who are well understood by the business and who understand Company brand needs and are used regularly within the business.

· Chemicals/Compounds/Bonding systems specified are fit for purpose & Product teams understand any risks or variation in bulk.

· Risks are minimized during sample stage, to ensure smooth commercialization for bulk production

· Strong management of the relationship between Company, local suppliers and shoe factories.

· Management of compound library including a library of supplier catalogues, compound development and approved bulk production standards.

· Commercialisation and Quality teams are fully supported and any chemical issues are resolved asap

· Supplier KPI's are published to the business and any non-performance is managed

· Derives offshore strategic goals for Chemical engineering function.

· Prioritization of country and Chemical strategic goals/initiatives

· Offshore chemical vendor selection input and chemical price confirmation

· Confirmation of formulations and cost

· Confirmation of chemical processes

· Derivation of Chemical and related process control/standardization policies/procedures and BP's