Talent Guide 2021: Market, Challenges, Opportunities & Salary Range

Talent Guide 2021: Market, Challenges, Opportunities & Salary Range

Thursday, 25 February 2021

17:26 PM - 17:00 PM


Talent Guide 2021: Market, Challenges, Opportunities & Salary Range

Talent Guide 2021 is conducted by Navigos Search to support customers by providing them with an overview of the labor market in 2020 as well as trends and forecasts for 2021. We are expected to help customers build the most effective employee recruitment and retention strategies, which will contribute to their business’s recovery and growth in the coming years. At the same time, we also assist candidates and job seekers to grasp trends in recruitment to have the best preparation in their career path.

The salary range in the survey was based on the analysis of responses from nearly 6,000 job seekers, candidates, and employers in Navigos Search database. Main points of the report as below:

  1. Salary, Bonus, Benefits, and Expectations of employees
  2. Factors affecting employees' job satisfaction
  3. Job search trends in 2021
  4. Expectations about salary in 2021
  5. Some characteristics of salary, bonus, benefits and employee’s expectations in the different sectors
  6. Influences of COVID-19 on the salary of employees
  7. Employees’ optimism about the economic prospects of Vietnam
  8. Detailed salary for 35 industries

Although the data were collected and analyzed with excellent and detailed care, this survey does not represent the whole market. This is for reference only. All information on the Talent Guide 2021 should not be copied partially or all without written permission from Navigos Search.


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