Talent Guide 2021: Information Technology

Talent Guide 2021: Information Technology

Talent Guide 2021 is conducted by Navigos Search to support customers by providing them with an overview of the labor market in 2020 as well as trends and forecasts for 2021. We are expected to help customers build the most effective employee recruitment and retention strategies, which will contribute to their business’s recovery and growth in the coming. At the same time, we also assist candidates and job seekers to grasp trends in recruitment to have the best preparation in their career path.

“The compensation program for IT sector is decided in this particular order: the company’s pay grade, employer’s performance, and market outlook. In accordance with the overall performance of the company, the annual salary increase rate may amount to 30%. Since IT is one of the fastest-growing sectors, talent acquisition ranks among the uppermost priorities. Companies are willing to raise pay to meet employee’s expectations, while start-ups offer desirable incentives such as stock purchase plan.” – According to Ms. Tran Thi Mai – Team Manager at Navigos Search South.

“Basically each company bases its own compensation program on these factors: payroll budget as per the scope of work and market rates; company’s fixed pay grades, applicant’s performance, and experiences as well as their expectation of salary, bonuses and benefits; urgent or non-urgent demands on personnel. For exceptional candidates, companies can offer a higher pay rate than average, or retain pay rate but offer bonus piecework pay to avoid upsetting the salary structure.

The salary increase rate for each company may range from 5% to 15%, or even to 20% for exceptional employees who belong to the top 5-10% best contributors. Additionally, it can be affected by macro factors like inflation and business’s overall performance, or employee’s particular achievements. The increase rate for job switching ranges from 10% to 20%, or even 25% to 30% for outstanding employees or employees who were earning much lower than average.” - According to Ms. Giang Nguyen – Senior Manager at Navigos Search North.