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Tips to Ace A Phone Interview with headhunter company


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

about 1 year ago

A telephone interview is the form of recruiting candidates in the preliminary round. When the employer receives the candidate's resume, then there will be indirect phone interviews. This is both a time saver and a way to eliminate unsatisfactory candidates. So how to ace a phone interview with the headhunter company, let's find out the following tips with Navigos Search.

What do candidates need to do?

Phone interviews are a way for employers to select the most suitable candidates for the next round or a face-to-face interview. Whether the opportunity to be invited to the next face-to-face interview round is entirely up to you, it can mostly depend on your preparation. So when you receive the notice that you will be interviewed by phone before coming to the next round, what will you do? Below are some tips to ace a telephone interview with a headhunter company that you should know.

1. Interview preparation

Do not underestimate the phone interview. If you do not prepare well, you will be eliminated and miss the opportunity for other candidates. So, take more attention and make sure you prepare enough for the phone interview, not less important than face to face interview, you should practice first by: ask yourself questions that the employer may ask and asking someone to be an interviewer and answer these frequently interview questions. Then ask them to comment on the answer, voice, volume, speed when you speak to see if it is fluent. This is a very important factor to evaluate a candidate.

2. If possible, choose the most appropriate interview time for you

If the headhunter company's recruiter gives you a choice of interview time, then choose a time that suits you best. It is the time when you feel most comfortable answering questions to make sure your answers are the best.

3. Choose a quiet space

Do not choose noisy places to interview. The surrounding talk, the noise of cars ... will reduce the effectiveness of the interview. Choose a quiet room, a table, a chair, paper and pen to be ready to take notes of employers' questions or things that you do not understand well enough to ask the person at the end of the interview.

4. Proactively show your confidence

At the beginning of the interview, proactively introduce yourself. This is how you are reminding employers about your information, in addition to asking employers how you properly address them. This will make it easier for you and your employer to make the opening of your interview smooth.

5. Prepare questions to ask the employer

Although there won't be much time for phone interviews. But take this opportunity to know more about the job you are applying for, which is also to make the employer believe that you are very interested in the job they are recruiting.

6. Go on the interview and avoid eating or drinking anything

Because the interview is over the phone, the employer will not be able to see your attitude. So, when interviewing, let the employer know that you are a polite person, respect the employer and the job position you are applying for.

Going around your kitchen or living room during the interview will make you more comfortable and proactive than sitting still in a place to talk. It can give you good and creative answers.

During the interview, if you drink water, chew candy, or eat anything that could cause your answer to be interrupted, unclear. As such, employers will underestimate the interview.

7. Always put records in front of you

Don't think that you remember everything you wrote in your resume. Because during the interview you may forget some details. Therefore, make sure you always have a copy of the profile that has been submitted to the employer on hand. Because the headhunter company recruiter can check the information you have on file. For example: "I see in your records that you have 3 years of accounting experience, so can you summarize the work you did during that time?".

With this question, don't be subjective and think it's easy. You may not remember all of what you did and wrote something on your resume. So if there's a resume on hand now, your answer could be better.

8. Avoid talking too much, sneezing or coughing

Although the employer spends less time with you, that is not the reason why you have to say a lot when asked. The questions of employers now just to redefine information and explore your attitude towards the job. So answer those short, focused on the questions.

Another thing you should avoid is not coughing or sneezing during the interview. If you cough or sneeze, the interview will be interrupted, which can make the employer unhappy and underestimate your attitude and politeness.

9. Don't show panic

When facing a difficult question, please calm down and ask the employer for a few minutes to think rather than be panicked. Because when you worry about something, the words and breath will accuse you and then the employer will easily recognize. Do not let the interviewer know the weaknesses if you are invited to interview by phone.

Whether you are invited to interview in person or not is all up to you. So, don't let the phone interview pass uselessly. Show the employer that you are the best candidate, even though they haven't met you in person.

Some final words

Rebecca Corfield, the author of “The Art of Interview,” advises: “If you are invited to an interview, it means you have a chance to get the job. Even if you don't get the job, you can express your abilities - an impressive candidate for future hiring. So you should not skip the preparation for the interview, even if it is a telephone or a face to face interview. We hope the tips could help to create the best opportunities for you. In Navigos Search, we help to connect employers and employees together. To get support from the headhunter company or job search in Navigos Search, please contact us through our Contact Page or visit our office on the 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam