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Top tips to choose the best top retained executive search firms in Vietnam


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

When it comes to the high-end employment market, we often think of the term "headhunting" According to many headhunting experts, the senior or C-level recruitment market is very fascinating and potential, not only in Vietnam but as the same as many developing countries. In reality, although the demand for high-level recruiting is high, most businesses feel it hard to get the right candidates by the confusing terms Executive Search and Headhunting. In this article, Navigos Search, a leading recruitment firm in Vietnam will help you see more about the Executive Search industry and how to choose the top retained search firms in Vietnam.

What Is Executive Search?

In the recruiting services areas, those who are professional in finding high-level candidates are called the "Executive Search".

This job is tough and not easy. The term "Executive Search" can be described as "oriented hunting" or the hunt for management-level employees who can make decisions. The executive search recruiter has to find the excellent candidates among successful executives, who have long had no intention of finding a job.

In developed countries, Executive Search consultants are those who have taken management courses in large corporations. These experts often understand customer issues in detail, specifically based on their management experience. In Vietnam, unfortunately, executive search consultants who own enough experience and knowledge is very rare. And the key recruiters responsible for the job of "hunters" are often only using their relationships, business experience in setting up a candidate database, not by management experience. And for many people, including employers and job seekers, the term "senior human resources" is used to refer to people who take over managerial positions or, in short, positions as management attributes.

When Should You Use A Retained Executive Search Firm?

  • When your business is rushing grown-up or wants to open new branches - Executive Search is just not about seeking an above manager level but is finding a candidate who can make a profit for the company, helping the company expand new markets, managing a business segment or open a new business. 

For example, your company is finding a general manager for manufacturing. And shortly after the press reported that the company's stock price increased by 20%. In this case, Executive Search is not the same as recruiting employees, and also different from Headhunting, although the method of implementation may be the same.

  • When your business has no chance of failure - The top retained search firms understand the customer market and business area, they research the market of operation and update information regularly. If regular hiring employees filter candidates from their databases or use a direct search method, the Executive Search consultant knows exactly who is hunted and who is right for your business or not.

How to find the top retained search firms?

The demand for the senior recruitment market in Vietnam becomes larger day by day, as Vietnam's economy is always growing with impressive indicators. As an emerging country and strategically located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam will surely attract the attention of large foreign corporations that brings the demand for senior personnel will also increase. To find the top retained search firms in Vietnam, nơ businesses can easily search on the internet or get advice from those who have used this service before.

At Navigos Search, we have deeply understood as well as the big data about high-end human resource markets in Vietnam and in fact have had success in recruiting projects in many business segments. We bring organizations with many kinds of HR services, including contingency search, retained search, and RPO. 


There is no doubt that the high-end human resource market in Vietnam has become interesting nowadays. Choosing the top retained search firms to find talent in the new market is always a good idea for most organizations. Meet Navigos Search consultants will give you more information about our services and recruitment consulting. Contact us or visit Navigos Search - 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam