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Top benefits all business can get from outsourcing HR Services


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

In the concept of complicated and highly competitive human resources, recruiting talented people who are adaptable to the business requirement as well as position qualification becomes a difficult problem. Besides that, the complication of the HR department required businesses to outsource HR services to overcomes in high-pressure time expanding businesses. This article will help businesses understand more about HR solutions as well as the benefits businesses can get from using them.

What do HR services include?

In general, the HR services can include HR specialist, HR administrative specialist, headhunter & executive search, internal training specialist organization, team consultant officials, personnel analysts, ... HR solutions can also resolve specific human resources issues such as: 

  • Payroll Services - This HR service supports businesses to pay salaries (debit) to their accounts and transfer to beneficiary accounts (credited).

  • Labour contract, PAYE, Insurance & Benefits: Calculate and manage salaries, bonuses, real salaries, deductions, payslips...

  • Staffing services - Staffing services or labour agency workers is another HR service used by most SME businesses to meet the specific requirements at the given time.

  • Executive Search - The senior and high-level recruitment consulting service that provides a solution to find the most suitable candidates for senior personnel positions, managers, or C-level...

  • RPO - Entire recruitment process for some or all of the client business positions that require recruitment.

  • So on.

Top benefits businesses can get from outsourcing HR services

In the initial stage of open businesses, the founder could find it hard to manage most departments in the company, especially the human. So it will be the best solution to outsource HR services providers to help businesses resolve less important work and give business time to focus on core activities of the business. Therefore, in order to avoid embarrassment when it comes to outsourcing HR solutions, the company may consider some of the following reasons to use the HR firm's services.

1. Saves business costs

Cost is still an issue to consider when a business decides to outsource any solutions, not only HR tasks. Choosing an HR provider to support businesses in contracting and recruiting is always the first thing to consider. The recruitment process could last long and increase in recruitment costs when it comes to a high level or manager position.

The HR solution provider helps the business to save time and cost with the professional recruitment process as well as the experience and high skills. 

2. Access and use more services and resources

Not only help businesses calculate and balance payroll but many HR services providers also offer additional financial - accounting services, tailored to your unique needs. For example, at Navigos Search, our experts also advise clients on executive recruiting, global HR consulting,... Especially with experience working with Japanese and many international organizations, Navigos Search understands deeply the characteristics of the joint venture and FDI companies. We provide services based on common standardization and flexible customization according to the characteristics of each company.

3. No longer worry about breaching government regulations or laws

Some businesses have diverse types of employees. Full-time, part-time, shift, contract, seasoned, project-based, etc. For each type of employment, you'll have to learn about laws, different rates of pay, and taxes. And the hard part is that government regulations and laws could be changed after time. The lack of expertise and experience can lead to erroneous accounting, errors in payroll. So businesses can get caught in the law violations, pay expensive fines, even affecting the reputation and profitability of the whole enterprise. To simplify this problem, companies in Vietnam now can outsource HR work for help.

4. Avoid wrongful hiring

In general, most companies are too focused on choosing an effective recruitment channel but forget the need for a thoughtful recruitment process to "catch" talented employees.

Instead of spending time and resources to build a strong and professional internal recruitment process, businesses now can choose HR solutions providers to help them avoid wrongful recruiting and ensure the quality of human resources. 

5. Save time and effort in recruiting

Effective recruitment is a professional process with steps in a logical order. There are so many start-up and SME businesses delivering quality candidates. But in fact, deploying internal recruiting on a large scale will take a lot of time and effort, while the effect is not really positive.

6. Access the quality candidates sources

Choosing good candidates, convincing them to work for your business is a problem that business owners always worry about when scaling up personnel. With its unique expertise, HR firms always have a diverse and quality source of candidates. They can easily select the quality candidates, suitable for the business requirements, and need skills for positions.

Most organizations use a multi-channel strategy to find potential candidates. The recruitment consultant services will provide you with a huge amount of information on the market and about talented candidates.


Outsourcing HR service is no longer a strange concept for many businesses in Vietnam. Especially for small and medium-sized companies, recruitment solutions are the first choice. We hope through the above information, businesses can get through HR services need and after identifying the necessary services, you can contact Navigos Search through our Contact Page or visit our office on 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.