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Tips to find an excellent employment agency in Ho Chi Minh


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

5 months ago

The job demand in HCMC is always high around the year. Besides, choosing the right job center is as important as choosing the right hiring method. Job search services are an indirect form of providing employment to people through which applicants pay a fee for the work they receive. So what job seekers need to know when choosing an employment agency Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, these following tips could help.

What does an employment agency mean and its benefits?

Employment agencies may be private or governmental. The focus of these companies' operations is to assist citizens who have had a relative difficulty in finding and maintaining a job. When an employee is referred by a recruiting agency, the recruiting agency or company may use them subject to terms agreed upon by the two parties.

Employment services include counseling, job placement; supply, and recruit employees according to the request of employers; collect and provide information about the labor market. In particular, an employment agency can provide a range of services from simple candidate screening to functions similar to senior executive search. In addition, some job placement companies operate as HR companies, provide candidates for temporary positions, or long-term workers.

Tips to find an excellent employment agency Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Finding jobs through employment agency Ho Chi Minh is a popular activity not only for job seekers in the city but also for all workers across the country. Actually, the wrong selection of recruitment solutions, as well as the lack of knowledge and understanding can make job seekers waste money and time without finding jobs. Here are some tips job seekers need to know when choosing employment agencies in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. Be careful to avoid being cheated

The increase in job demand in the labor workforce is a good chance for recruitment solutions developed as well as recruitment parties to expand their business. There are many companies that operate below the name of a job search center but take advantage of employees' information stealing, appropriation of workers' money by some form of job payment or fees, and deposit to take jobs ... Therefore, job seekers need to be alert to avoid falling into a situation of losing money, having to spend money to access jobs, sometimes incurring unintended consequences.

2. Search for popular and trusted employment agencies

Before applying for a job through any employment company, do not forget to find out clearly information about history activities as well as services reviews of last users.

Besides, it is highly recommended to choose the state enterprises, which is considered the most prestigious and safe job center for workers in the Vietnamese job market. In addition, to avoid falling into a recruitment trap, job seekers should consider selecting social-political organizations and businesses based, receipts, seals, and many people appreciate ...

3. Be proactive in the job search

Despite the hurry job needed, the employees should not be too dependent on job employment centers. Instead, proactively in searching for recruitment information from businesses through traditional newspapers, reputable recruitment channels, or online platforms, such as VietnamWorks or Navigos Search senior recruitment channel.

Proactively looking for a job without a job center helps workers better understand the job requirements they can meet, as well as whether the corporate culture is right for themselves. Cut down the situation of losing fees and time but can not maintain the job for a long time.


We hope the information shared above can help readers get useful information in the process of selecting an employment agency Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. If you are looking for a job through Navigos Search recruiting channel, please contact us at the Contact page or visit the Navigos Search office on 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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