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Finding jobs as an expatriate in Vietnam: What you should know?


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

The topic of Vietnam's working environment always attracted many people, especially for an expatriate who considered living and working in Vietnam for a long time. Most of the questions that we received from an ex-pat were the same, such as how foreigners have work permits in Vietnam or why are they so easy to find a job in Vietnam, etc. In fact, nowadays, more and more foreigners want to work in Vietnam than in other developed countries like Singapore or Thailand, maybe because finding a job with them is quite easy here. The following article will discuss the topic of foreigners working in Vietnam.

Overview of foreigners working in Vietnam

Navigos Group recently published the Report on "Foreign candidates: Expectations and challenges when working in Vietnam" based on analyzing the results of a survey of candidates from many nations and regions. 

According to Navigos, Vietnam is a destination for many FDI enterprises. The fast-growing economy, favorable geographical conditions, and stable politics, as well as many approved free-trade policies, are the reasons why to invest in Vietnam. However, many new fields make Vietnam labor sources unable to meet in both quantity and quality, so foreign candidates are an appropriate choice for these businesses.

According to foreign candidates’ research on Navigos customers, about 50% of foreign workers said the reason for the decision to move to Vietnam is interested in the cultural experience and working environment in Vietnam. The rest think that they want to experience new potential markets and opportunities to challenge themselves.

The Navigos report emphasized that the benefit and Vietnam salary benchmark that foreign workers can get in Vietnam are not higher than in their home countries but still well deserved. Although the benefits are not high, the Vietnam salary and the cost of living in Vietnam is quite low, most foreign workers are satisfied with what they have when living here. Many foreigners also believe that a peaceful living environment, a stable social and political situation is more important for them when choosing Vietnam to develop their careers.

Characteristics that make worker want to work in Vietnam

Easy to find jobs, diverse recruitment channels

In Vietnam, there are many job search channels, foreigners can find information about jobs through prominent online recruitment sites in Vietnam such as or executive search services from global companies such as Navigos Search ( Besides, popular social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn also become an effective support tool for finding suitable jobs in Vietnam.

Education and freelance are popular works

Hiring foreign teachers to teach English in centers and schools is a trend in recent years. Most of the English schools and centers tend to recruit foreign teachers to teach at the center. Besides, Vietnamese students tend to be interested in choosing foreign teachers to teach English. Foreigners know this is an opportunity to find a comfortable but high-paying job in this country.

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi have a large number from the middle to high-level foreign workers

Job opportunities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are numerous, especially for foreigners. The rapid increase in FDI in Vietnam requires Vietnam to moderate to meet the quality and quantity of labor. However, the Vietnam labor supply does not have sufficient senior personnel and this is an opportunity for qualified foreign candidates.

Consulting foreign senior labor recruitment with Navigos Search

For the upcoming time, Vietnam promised to be the best place for expatriates who seek low living costs but a positive environment to develop a career. Foreign businesses entering the Vietnamese market that have difficulty in recruiting senior personnel can contact Navigos Search. In Navigos Search, we provide high-level foreign recruitment consultancy services that will help businesses solve the problem of high-level staffing. With a diverse network of candidates and over 15 years of recruiting experience, we are committed to helping businesses find professional and talented candidates, please leave us your requirements by filling the form in the contact page or visit us on floor 20, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh.