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HR recruiter tips: 5 hacks help an HR candidate make a good impression with recruiters


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

11 months ago

HR is a fascinating and exciting job. HR's job involves recruitment activities, plans to implement appropriate policies to maintain human resources for the company, plan and develop the capacity of individuals and departments so they can get the job done in the most efficient way. If you are the one who looking for a position in the HR career so this article was done just for you. Let’s find out the best tips from the Navigos Search’s HR expert on how to make the best impression on your interview.

5 hacks that will help job seekers make a good impression with recruiters

1.Understand that Human Resources Career is Not for “Nice” People - Fair, Not Nice

If you want to work in the HR field, take note of what you really need to succeed and make sure you show your interviewer that you can stay calm, take a stand, and focus on the things that really matter. Always be empathetic, but when you do the right things, don't be afraid to deliver tough messages.

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In case you are talking with an HR executive search for your next career ladder in human resources, show your recruiter how you can do to keep everything balanced if we want to maintain a fair environment.

2. Have the correct answer to the question “Why do you want to work in human resources?"

The most common answer to the above question always is, "I like working with people, wanting to help and develop their career". But, in the real human resource career, this answer was not highly appreciated and sometimes candidates need to consider again about working in the general management department, rather than the HR department.

This is reality. Misperceptions about the human resources department are a "nice" place to work with people that are common, and it leads to a lot of confusion in the job choices of many young people. So, make sure you let the human resources recruiter know how much you understand about this industry, how hard and competitive you would face in the future. 

3. Show your excellent communication and observation skills

Communication skills are very important for HR recruiter positions. But before you want to communicate well, you need to listen well first. Because communication is a two-way exchange, you need to cultivate both listening and speaking skills. The opponent also needs to be heard and also needs to be respected.

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You need to show your opponent your respect and your listening before it is your turn to speak. Instead of you hanging around at the top of things that aren't relevant. Then focus your attention on what the other person is thinking. If not, the story will surely come to a dead-end

4. Quickly in acquiring and using new technology in the HR industry

The application of technology development in researching and recruiting help to reduce the time to perform low-value-added operations is mandatory. HR professionals should be aware of the use of new technologies.

Most HR employees need to focus on self-study and improve their professional knowledge, skills and experience day by day. To make a good impression with the HR recruiter in the interview, do not forget to show up your ability to learn quickly and adapt to the new change in technologies and human resources industry.

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5. Show your ability to multitask

The multitask could take important in the 4.0 revolution. The silo functional structures we have built in the HR team like recruiting, training, C&B or internal communications are causing many difficulties with end-to-end solutions. If you can not effectively combine these functions to solve problems such as restructuring the operating system or limiting turnover rate, your efforts are really not effective.

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For example, when a business has difficulty in recruiting, it is most likely due to other problems in HR, such as difficulty in designing job positions or being hindered in diverse cultural and transfer generation within the company. The Talent Acquisition team cannot solve all these problems alone but forces the business to have a multi-functional HR team to handle it.


Hopefully, the above useful sharing will help get success in the interview and make the best impression with the hr executive search. In Navigos Search, we help employers and employees to meet their right one. To meet our best consultants, please keep in touch with us by filling the form in the Contact Page or visit the Navigos Search office at the floor 20th, E.Town Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Town 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.