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What business can learn from the executive search process?


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

almost 2 years ago

The development of executive search services recently can prove its advantages in the recruitment process. The specialization and standardization in the executive search process offered by a recruitment firm’s services are the methods business should learn to be more professional in attracting candidates.

Introduce about executive search services 

If your company does not want to spend too much time on the recruitment process but would like to attract the top list of the best-qualified candidates; then executive search services are the solution.

This kind of service will help the employers to find the best suitable people, based on the requirements of the employers. After screening all the CVs, the executive search agency just gives you the shortlist for reviewing. Thus, it helps you save a lot of time but still makes sure the quality meets your standard.

the executive search process

The qualified candidates can help the business win more profits and limit the risks of service failure. Of course, the culture of the business is also considered when the executive search firm screening candidates for your company.

The executive search process in Vietnam 

Different from another kind of recruitment segment, an executive search firm aiming to go out and find the very best candidate for a role –  either they are an ‘active’ or a ‘passive candidate’ and to persuade him/her to take the job. For that reason, the research process will vary from kind of headhunter, executive search, or recruiter. In the area of this article, we will show you guys how an executive search firm process look like in Navigos Search.

1. The process of the executive search firm will start with client expectations clarification

We need to understand the expectation of employers to find the best suitable candidates. The company culture is also an element to consider when searching for a profile. 

2. The next step would be searching for candidates.

This step can go through online by many platforms, including recruitment websites, Linkedin, Facebook. Or an executive search firm will approach directly the one having profile matched with customer expectation, even though this potential list has not had any intention about the job. The headhunter can persuade those in the potential list with an attractive package.

3. Check candidates background and interviewing

After searching, executive search firms need to assess all candidates, check all the background and references. Candidates may have an interview with an agency to have an overview of the job description and this is also a chance for the agency knows more about applicants. 

4. Propose candidates to employers

After the scanning process, the agency will have a shortlist of candidates to propose to the customer. Employers can have more interview sessions before finalizing the most suitable one. Of course, it needs the process of negotiation before coming up with an alignment. 

5. The final step is onboarding

An executive firm may support the business to welcome and have the onboarding package for applicants to easily adapt to the new environment.

The advantages of this executive search process 

It can be seen from the above process that the executive search firm is very focusing on understanding client expectations to make sure they can approach correct applicants. This can be considered as the needs analysis to save time and cost for the next steps. 

the executive search process Navigos Search VN

Besides, an executive search firm understands clearly where to find the ideal candidate and identify the right talent pool. The wide network with many fields of industry supports an executive search agency to easily connect to referrals and recommendations work. 

Furthermore, executive search firms take the careful investigation of the list potential candidates then they only approach the one with the strongest potential. The candidate assessment process may use 3rd party information and interviews.

What business can learn from the executive search firm's recruitment process? 

If the business would like to have a professional recruitment process like an executive search agency, then how to attract candidates is one of the points the business can learn from. This step can help the company to have more choices and increases the possibility to choose the fittest candidate.

the executive search process Navigos search

In the 4.0 industry, there are a lot of channels for candidates to look for new opportunities while the number of skilled workers in the Vietnam market is quite limited. Thus, the business needs to be more proactive in connecting to potential lists such as by searching their profile on Linkedin or through references. 

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In conclusion, in case the company would like to do the recruitment process by themselves, it is recommended to set up the whole recruitment process as an executive agency and focus on attracting talent pool to choose the fittest one. Page Info 

Navigos Search specializes in providing recruitment outsourcing and professional support or creating a key strategy for all business senior recruitment needs. Our services aim to help businesses in finding and retaining high-level employees. Before you choose any kind of services in Navigos Search, we always help you to understand clearly about the executive search process as well as how we can help you get the best senior candidates. So, please get in touch with us by filling your requirements in the contact form below. Our consultants will contact your businesses as soon as possible.

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