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The importance of HR Advisory Services in Vietnam for your company's growth


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

23 days ago

HR advisory services take an important role in the organization’s operation and growth. In general, HR advisory services in Vietnam attract businesses who want to restructure and refocus on its business operations. In another way, outsourcing HR sometimes helps medium companies have more time to focus more on the core values of the business. For more detail about what HR Advisory services in Vietnam included and what they could help businesses, please find out clearly through the article below.


1. Introduce about HR Advisory

HR Advisory services can usually take a variety of different roles, including the full scope of Human Resources activity within a company. These services help to decrease management costs or operation control position. HR Advisory services are built for startups, micro, small and medium businesses. By using these services, they’ll get everything needed to increase employee satisfaction, ease work and improve productivity without hiring an internal HR team.

What is HR Advisory & What do they do?

What is HR Advisor?

HR Advisor plays an important role in an organization's human resources department and is generally part of the HR management team. Therefore, an advisor is an essential piece of the HR department, they will find themselves working closely with other teams throughout the business.

What is HR Advisory Service?

HR Advisory service providers in Vietnam aim to deliver effective solutions to the HR department of hiring companies. They assist companies to revise HR management systems and applications; maintain compatibility with both the company's requirements and its international partners.

What services HR Advisory included?

HR Advisory services in Vietnam come in many kinds and roles in businesses operation. In general, they often provide comprehensive support to help businesses with:

  • Recruitment and Selection: Any business's success depends on hiring the right people in the right roles and the right moment. HR Advisory services with talent attraction, recruitment, and selection by using a wide range of profiling and testing to generate accurate insight into a candidate’s future performance, behavior, and personality.

  • Absence Management: An HR Advisory services can assist in managing long-term sickness and varied short-term absenteeism, helping decrease unproductive and ultimately costly disruption. However, another important of HR Advisory services Vietnam is the ability in providing proactive well-being guidance and recommendations.

  • International HR support - HR Advisory services sometimes include RPO and manage business placement, project staffing and training with ex-pat, executive and contractual hiring as an HR search firm.

  • HR Management: HR services can help businesses from the formatting and processing of CV to solutions in staffing, training, and sourcing.

2. Benefits of using HR Advisory services

HR Advisory services take an important role in HR Outsourcing services. For businesses considering using HR services, here are some benefits to consider:

  • Focus on Core Activities.

  • Cost and Efficiency Savings

  • Reduced Overhead

  • Operational Control

  • Staffing Flexibility

  • Unbiased, Committed & Trusted HR Partner.

  • Continuity & Risk Management.

  • Develop Internal Staff

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3. The bottom line

All businesses, regardless of size, need HR expertise. For small and medium businesses have a dedicated HR department to deal with people-related issues is very necessary. However, owning an internal HR department or team will take a little management cost and valuable time. Then using HR Advisory services will give small business owners the ability to leave HR functions in capable hands while they dedicate their time and focus to overall business development. 

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