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[URGENT RECRUITMENT] Win the ticket to work in Singapore, IT Candidates wanted!


Posted by Ngoc Thuy Nguyen

over 1 year ago

Have you ever considered to make a move to The Lion City? We will show you 3 big reasons that definitely encourage you to choose Singapore as the next move in your career path:

  1. In fact, Singapore has been described as a ‘’miniature Silicon Valley’’. The country has emerged as a prosperous technology hub, which gathers a lot of global experts in Technology.
  2. IT is now ranked as Singapore’s strongest sector. Working in the tech firms, which apply all the latest technology, will give you the best experience in your career.
  3. Attractive package for relocation in Singapore helps you to save time when moving and be like home in Singapore.

Besides that, the world is yours to explore. Singapore also serves as a hub for travel throughout Asia. From antique buildings alongside with modern and amazing architectures, The Lion City is a celebration of diversity that attracts you at the first sight. There are thousands of destinations & activities for you to enjoy the days in Singapore.

Navigos Search's client is a global company, based in Singapore, which provides F&B service via mobile app and website to consumers in Singapore and many other countries. Along with the company's development, they are currently open to recruit Vietnamese talents. Let’s check the positions that we are looking for:






Senior iOS Engineer


Senior Android Engineer


Senior Backend Engineer (Go)


Senior Frontend Engineer (React)


Senior FullStack Engineer (React & Node)


Senior Backend Engineer (PHP)