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Why Navigos Search?

Navigos Search offers a new approach to building an effective workforce. We call it Total Talent Engagement and it is designed to work before, during and after the recruiting process to make talent acquisition more efficient, systematic and effective. Total Talent Engagement is smarter about understanding who can do a job, where those people are to be found and what will motivate them to move. It reaches untapped sources of talent, including people who are not actively on the market. And it takes better care of people after hiring, reducing turnover and the need for future hiring.

How Navigos Search helps you win the talent contest


As experts across many industries and functions, our consultants are the most trusted recruitment and career partners in the Asia-Pacific region.


We have a comprehensive database of hundreds of thousand active candidates, including middle and senior level, across our expanding network.


We follow well-defined procedures with transparency of efforts to enhance efficiencies and ensure the highest quality of candidates.

Navigos Search services

  1. Investment Consultancy to Vietnam

  2. Contingency Search

  3. Retained Search

  4. Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  5. Mass Recruitment

  6. Training Consultancy

  7. Employer Branding

  8. Online Learning

  9. IQ-EQ Test 

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