Technical Manager (Apparel, Underwear)

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Job Type: Permanent
Salary Negotiable
Specialization: Production Engineering / Process Engineering / Manufacturing Technology (CMC)
Sub Specialization:
Contact: Han Do Dac Kha
Reference: JO-2003-437391

· To push/remind relevant team to follow up after received information regarding order confirmation to the factory in order to ensure production can be start on time.

o Work with factory for Pre-RTP & RTP need on daily basis, and pass the information to China fit team's reference.

o Follow up Green Tag/Trail sample ready date including checking machinery/assessment & construction.

o Work with China office for green tag comment & RTP sending; remind production management checking bulk fabric/trim status and prepare for full size sample

o Work with QA for the PP meeting preparation including PPM form information filling in, quality issues etc…….

o Remind IE set layout and mechanic set up machine & folder

o Update sample status by season on every Friday.

· Technical function on garment quality from development/green tag trail to production sewing.

o Follow up green tag sample trailing and focus on workmanship and machine/folder preparation.

o Check sample before send out and call out if any potential issue or suggestion.

o Study green tag comment and work with sample room to improve on full size sample.

o Review full size sample workmanship, construction & measurement

o Study RTP, make sure everything clear before production feed on

o Being a bridge between sample room and production whilst attending sewing meeting

o Assit production sewing line to find/solve any technical issue including pilot sample review and any adjustment if necessary.

· Other projects will be added from time-to-time