Purchasing Manager ($2000-$3000)

Location: Bắc Ninh, Vietnam
Job Type: Permanent
Salary VND2000.00 - VND3000.00 per month
Specialization: Merchandiser (MD) / Buyer
Sub Specialization:
Contact: Tuyet Pham Thi
Reference: JO-2011-451479

1. Set up & fulfill Department target and make strategy plan to achieve Dept's target

2. To organize the purchasing jobs for the raw material: make the plan, estimate the cost, assign the tasks for the staffs, manage, monitor to provide the raw material timely with the price level approved by BOD

3. To organize the survey jobs to make reports to BOD timely, accurately about the crop, stock, prices, competitors; make the reports about the purchase historical data to analyze, summarize, and give the forecast for the future

4. To manage, coordinate, monitor the project activities of the north organic project team, especially the project to expand organic regions

5. To manage, coordinate, monitor survey purchasing activities of the survey team at the raw material region

6. To manage the relationship with the current suppliers, build the trust, loyalty of the suppliers to the company, ensure the payments paid for the suppliers in full & on time

7. To join CSR & activities related to the survey & purchasing department, organize marketing activities (charity, festivals about cassia, star anise...)

8. To build the database about the raw material sources: area, history, farmers, agents/ suppliers... for each product & region

9. To cooperate with the planning team & warehouse team to update about the status of the raw material bought, the crop, the plan about the receiving the raw material, cooperate with QC department to solve the quality problem of the raw material.

10. To coordinate outsourcing activities: drying the star anise, ginger, ETO...cooperate with the QC team to check, negotiate, make the contract & payment for the supplier approved.

11. To cooperate with the relevant departments to review, complete the purchasing processes, supplier evaluation process, forms, documents of the department, establish the job description & set up the target for each staff to evaluate the staff's performance accurately & fairly. To attend the internal audits, audits of the customers, the partners.

12. To cooperate with H&R and other departments to make the training programs to improve skills for the staffs of the department.

13. Other tasks under BOD's requirements

14. Organize, promote or cooperate and fulfill any company activities like committees, projects, audits and training.

15. Build a working culture in the direction of the Board.