IT Director

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Job Type: Permanent
Salary US$4000 - US$100000 per month
Specialization: CTO / CIO
Sub Specialization:
Contact: Huy Hiep Nguyen
Reference: JO-1901-409896

A. Job Purposes:
1. Managing IT strategies, plans and policies, rules and regulations in accordance with the overall strategy of the company.
2. Managing and coordinating demand and development of system, software and application infrastructure to increase productivity of the company.
3. Ensuring that databases and information systems are consistent, accurate and complied with company's regulation
4. Ensuring the security of the IT system and company's data

B. Duties:
I. Management tasks
1. Maintaining overall budget and plans, allocating resources, monitoring performance of IT department in accordance with the strategy and plan of the company.
2. Being responsible of managing and development of the personnel of the IT Department to become professional, active, highly effective team:
* Estimating recruitment needs and training for each level of staff in the department;
* Planning training programs
* Evaluating performance of the staff.
3. Maintaining, supervising, reviewing, ensuring continuous improvement of processes and procedures to improve the efficiency of the department

II. Professional tasks
1. Being responsible of the implementation of IT strategic plan, and information technology policies in company:
* Developing a IT vision for company
* Establishing rules, procedures and overall policies on information technology for internal departments of the company and partners
* Planning and establishing overall architecture of the information technology system;
* Establishing and managing the deployment of information technology services;
* Analyzing, evaluating and reporting on the impact of IT services on the company's operation
* Studying and proposing plans on the use of internal resources for information technology needs and strategies;
* Monitoring and evaluating suppliers regarding costs and quality of their services and equipment and proposing alternatives if needed;
* Establishing and monitoring indicators for measuring performance of IT systems and making reports on performance on a regular basis or upon request;
* Researching, planning and implementing solutions to innovate information technology solutions and services;
* Evaluating the effect of technological innovation on the company's operation
* Monitoring and reporting on the situation of departments to ensure compliance with information technology rules, regulations and policies;
* Analyzing and evaluating information technology risks in company's activities
* Preparing and implementing risk prevention and mitigation plans.

2. Leading the management and coordination of system infrastructure, software, information technology application for company
* Assessing infrastructure needs, information technology application, planning and budgeting to develop and maintain an information technology system that meets the strategy of the company.
* Researching, setting up information technology solutions to increase the value of products and efficiency of operation process;
* Managing projects to build and develop system infrastructure, software, information technology application;
* Monitoring the quality and management of deployment progress of information technology solutions.

3. Organizing the management and development of the information technology application and user support system throughout the use process of the company and its member units.
* Designing and developing applications based on business needs, information technology infrastructure, maintaining and upgrading of applications;
* Tracking and managing software licenses, purchasing applications rights;
* Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness and proposing solutions / initiatives to improve the efficiency of the information technology application system;
* Setting up manuals on the use of information technology systems and applications, providing professional training
* Carrying out the reception, classification and support to overcome incidents related to equipment, IT application.

4. Organizing the management and maintenance of IT infrastructure for the company and its member units
* Planning and implementing the procurement, construction, installation, upgrading IT infrastructure;
* Maintaining, repairing, upgrading and backing up data for the entire IT infrastructure, and supervise the implementation within the company
* Inspecting and supervising the operation and overcoming of incidents in the server system, database system, network system, transmission line, bandwidth, office equipment system, IT equipment support for departments (printers, cameras, etc.), document management systems, emails, websites, domain names and general management software applications of the Company and its business units.
* Developing and implementing indicators to prevent accidents and improve the efficiency of infrastructure.

5. Organizing management and confidentiality of databases, information systems for company
* Collaborating with outsourced IT service provider / self-designing and managing the structure, interface of information system and database;
* Coordinating with outsource information technology service unit. / Self-build and manage the reporting system, analyzing and retrieving data for internal operation of departments, units of the company
* Organizing data warehouse, backup and data recovery;
* Setting up information system security solutions, including information security, data and network security standards;
* Monitoring and inspecting the use and exploitation of data, ensuring compliance with regulations, regulations on security, network and system security;
* Proposing and implementing risk mitigation options for information and data security for information technology infrastructure;
* Handling and solving problems arising in terms of security, database security and information systems.
* Leading / coordinating the implementation of other tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors.