Hardlines Quality Engineer

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Job Type: Permanent
Salary VND500.00 - VND2000.00 per month
Specialization: Quality Control/Quality Assurance/SQE
Sub Specialization:
Contact: Han Do Dac Kha
Reference: JO-1905-417726

General role

He/she is responsible for ensuring that the quality inspections to be carried out on products and their packaging, within the framework of the company quality policy, are implemented properly.

He/she helps meet general customer delivery deadlines, by handling each stage of product inspection in the shortest time possible and in compliance with the work schedule in place.



  • Guaranteeing the implementation of the quality controls required

- Drafting technical files mainly detailing the technical features of the products selected (and their packaging), the inspections to carry out, the number of samples necessary and the quality providers concerned.

- Organising the implementation and recording of the necessary laboratory inspections and audits, at all stages of the marketing chain (development, production, warehouse acceptance and marketing).

- Analysing and validating the test reports issued by the laboratories (pre-production compliance stage, production inspection, pre-loading tests). Applying the procedures planned in case of non-compliance.

- Managing certain non-conformities, by applying the internal rules defined, in liaison with the laboratories, manufacturers and internal departments concerned and monitoring the implementation of the solutions proposed within the expected time frames.

- Confirming the quality agreements that enable the production and loading agreements to be validated.

- Taking part in the assessment of inspection providers.

  • Organising his/her work to observe schedules

- Recording and managing the file planning information.

- Applying the activity management rules defined in the department.

- Classifying and archiving samples and non-computerised file information.

  • Maintaining day-to-day relations with the offices and laboratories

- Developing a strong relationship with the departments in France and the laboratories in order to ensure communication flows, and guarantee the responsiveness of all stakeholders (receipt of samples, meeting testing deadlines, etc.).

- Clear and precise written communication.

Specific tasks of an experienced QUALITY TECHNICIAN

  • Guaranteeing the implementation of the quality inspections required

- Holding quality reviews, validated by quality engineers, and formalising the required laboratory control needs for each product, in selection and in production

Taking sustainable development into account

- Optimising the requests for samples in order to reduce their number and volume

- Monitoring the social and environmental audits planned

Internal relations

Under the supervision of the quality manager or a quality engineer, in liaison with the departments in France, merchandisers, international logistics flow manager and quality department employees.

External relations

Manufacturers, suppliers and laboratories.