General Manager of Vietnam

Job Type: Contract
Specialization: Agriculture
Sub Specialization:
Contact: Trang Nguyen (Tracy)
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Headcount: 220 permanent employees.

Seed business activities: Breeding, Production, Seed Processing, Sales and Marketing.

Job location:Ho Chi Minh City, Asia, Vietnam

Purpose of the position is to manage all activities for the subsidiary with respect to finance revenues and expenses, employees, processes and operations of the business as well as regulatory compliance and risk management of the organization.

The General Manager is directly responsible for managing risk and the business unit's effective performance which will include the management of the personnel, finance and operational activities within the respective regulatory compliance framework in which it operates.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

Manage organizational structure and development of the subsidiary :
Manage operationally for Sales, Product Development, Finance, HR, Legal and Administration.
Coordinate the subsidiary's activities with head of other departments (R&D, Supply Chain and Marketing) directly responsible operationally within the matrix organization,
Foster a positive environment of respect and ethical business conduct in a multicultural environment.
Lead and inspire a customer-centric culture.
Maintain a good business and social climate for employees, customers, suppliers and other shareholders.
Act as the legal representative and primary contact for regulatory agencies.
Consistently meet and exceed sales targets established for the subsidiary while managing margins, cash flow and inventories in line with Company guidelines.

Manager supply chain and product quality of inventories to prevent customer claims.
Financial, operational performance, operational/capital expenses and oversee financial reporting of the subsidiary.

• Manage internal and external communication of the subsidiary in coordination with corporate guidelines.

• Represent and manage brand image and company name and inspire others by presenting a compelling vision and direction of group’s values



  • Minimum 5 years of agriculture experience with the same position.
  • Open for local people, expats who have experience working in Vietnam market or Vietnamese oversea from Europe or America.
  • Strong business acumen with business oriented       
  • Experienced expert in leading teams, managing budget, ability to guide employees into different directions with flexibility and sensitivity according to the situation. Change management skills are required to implement principles.
  • Proactive and result-driven
  • International Management: Having the knowledge and skill necessary to manage cross-cultural processes with local stakeholders and environments.
  • Strategic Planning and Analysis: Ability to balance overall strategic concerns; analytical and problem solver able to manage multiple projects while maintaining focus on big picture.
  • Technical Skills: Sales, Marketing,General Administration, Operational skills: Working knowledge of site management, Finance, HR, vegetable farming and manufacturing practices, excellent operational business management and organizational skills and demonstrate technological proficiency.