Finance and Accounting Manager

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Job Type: Permanent
Salary 13th month salary, bonus
Specialization: CFO / Financial Controller
Sub Specialization:
Contact: Nguyen Phuong Linh
Reference: JO-1811-406861


  • Handles full spectrum of financial and cost accounting role including General Ledger (GL) for VAS and IFRS; Accounts Payable (AP); Accounts Receivable (AR); forecasting; budgeting, etc. ensuring that they all comply with the current accounting regulations and effective financial controll
  • Assists the Treasurer Director, CFO and the President & CEO with all finance and accounting issuesReports to the President & CEO of the company and through the President & CEO to the Sponsors about the overall financial status and activities of the Company and submits the financial/key statutory reports in a timely as per sponsors' requests including periodical and annual financial statement in accordance with standards required by the Sponsors
  • Be responsible for working with the Independent Auditors, Vietnamese Tax Governance Authority representatives and Statistics Department officials for tax and financial issues/statutory reports in compliance with the Vietnamese regulations
  • Coordinates with the relevant divisions in BOT company and legal advisor in licensing matters such as closing of the current development Company, preparation and submission of proper legal documents to the Ministry of Planning and Investment ,Thanh Hoa Department of Planning and Investment, Tax Governance Authority and Nghi Son Economic Industrial Zone to get the Investment Registration Certificate and Enterprise Registration Certificate
  • Takes care of requirements under the Loan agreement to be entered between the BOT Company and the Lenders such as disbursement and repayment control, interest calculation, waterfall account management, currency conversion, bank transfer, reserve management and keeping the covenants, etc,.
  • Leads the local finance and accounting teams, coordinates with the advisors, the Company Management and shareholders for successful installation and implementation of the accounting system BOT company especially for the O&M stage
  • Provides proper relevant training courses to the team on specific finance and accounting activities

Daily/Weekly work:

  • Supervises the accountants for bookings to ensure all accounting transactions are fully, accurately and promptly recorded and complied to the most updated the accounting rules including ones of the sponsors
  • Liaises with the tax and legal advisors to update the latest information for the daily implementation of external and internal regulations
  • Reports to the President & CEO, CFO and Treasurer and Admin Director on details of any changes of local tax and accounting regulations.

Monthly work:

  • Reviews month end closing entries prepared by the accountants
  • Reviews monthly returns prepared by tax advisors and communicates to them if any trouble occurs before submission to relevant authorities
  • Prepares monthly financial statements under both Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS), and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and other reports as required by the regulators and the sponsor
  • Manages the annual budget, compares actual vs budgeted financial statement, explains the variance and reports to President& CEO, CFO and Treasurer and Admin Director promptly.

Quarterly work

  • Coordinates with the President & CEO, CFO and Treasurer and Admin Director to promptly prepare the quarterly group reporting package.
  • Assists the Members of Council and the Board of Directors for quarterly meeting regarding capital contribution, licensing procedures and others
  • Communicates to other department heads to update and revise the initial annual budget
  • Coordinates with tax advisor to prepare quarterly tax return (if any)
  • Prepares the financial reports/statements in accordance with standards required by the Sponsors
  • Prepares any report required in the Loan Agreement by the Lenders
  • Coordinates on Compliance and corporate governance audit

Yearly work

  • Prepares annual group package report and sends to the Sponsors
  • Coordinates with other department heads to prepare the following year's budget before submitting to the Treasurer and Admin Director, CFO or President & CEO
  • Coordinates with the external auditor to prepare audited financial reports
  • Coordinates with the tax authority in case of tax audit
  • Provides training to new and existing staff as needed
  • Prepares the financial reports/statements in accordance with standards required by the Sponsors
  • Prepares any report required in the Loan Agreement by the Lenders
  • Performed other works as assigned.