Customer Insight Manager

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Job Type: Permanent
Salary Negotiable
Specialization: Strategic Planning / Corporate Planning
Sub Specialization:
Contact: Minh Tran Nguyet
Reference: JO-1810-404726

1. Formulating and implementing annual business plans for the USME sub-segments (SME / MSME)

  • Developing, organizing the business plans, annual action programs for the sub-segment in charge
  • Managing business results, action programs, being responsible of business results for the sub-segments, business programs

    2. Analyzing and identifying the potential subdivisions of USME (SME / MSME)
  • Participating in building criteria to identify sub-segment customers
  • Researching and analyzing in order to understand the characteristics, needs and potential of each sub-segment and setting the corresponding price requirements.
    + Collecting market information (GSO, Tax…)
    + Evaluating the affection factors (the characteristics, needs, behavior ...)
    + Analyzing customer insight reports for each sub-segment (characteristics, needs, behaviors, price requirements, level of competition in banking and finance, risk, opportunities ...)
  • Coordinating sales management and marketing programs to promote the segment in charge
  • Searching, developing potential source of Sales force for the following sub-segments:
    + Maintaining & developing relationships with industry, economic zones, etc. to find information on customers in the sub-segment.
    + Selecting the list of warm leads, allocating the list to the sales channel, sales force to exploit

    3. Effective management (SME / MSME)
  • Proposing orientations on business policies, requirements on trading and service, sales channels, risk management requirements
  • Developing business modeling for key sub-segments (approach, value chain identification, cross selling, sales force, sales support)
  • Making business plans for the segment, sub-segments:
    + Financial plan for month/ quarter/ year
    + Business strategies for the Branch/ Region are selected for business implementation in each key segment
    + Plan to support, promote sales to the key segment
  • Effective segmentation management (revenue, costs, profits, overdue debt ...)
    + Periodic assessment (month/ quarter/ year) of business performance
    + Suggest policies and solutions to increase business efficiency of the sub-segment
  • Developing the process, tools and effective portfolio management of warm leads in the segment, sub-segment
    + Developing tools, distribution process, potential list management
    + Monitoring, evaluating progress, efficiency of exploiting potential resources, proposing improvement measures