Bonus & Tax Supervisor

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Job Type: Permanent
Salary Negotiable
Specialization: Taxation
Sub Specialization:
Contact: Khoi Hoang Trong
Reference: JO-1902-412922

Responsibilities include:
· Ensure RMS - Remittance Management System) and Magic system are closed on a timely basis and reconciliation of bonus, ensure bonus balance sheet are balanced.
· Ensure distributors bonus paid on time, analyze bonus trend and work with Ada Global Sales Team in verification of International bonus.
· Ensure distributor bonus accrual is posted to General Ledger in time for monthly financial reporting, bonus statement printed and send out on time, proper and timely issue credit voucher and refund via bank or cash for returns and resignation.
· Handle distributors' enquiries related to bonus, manage accounts receivable reconciliation, and ensure PIT
declaration for distributors and compliance with tax requirement.
· Closely coordinate with Sales Admin on distributors award and reward and work with Ada Sales Analyst teams to support programming system on bonus related.
· Handling tax liability reconciled with tax department recording. CAREER LEVEL
· Requires full proficiency in principles and practices of area of specialty
· Provides solutions to a variety of problems of simple to moderate scope and complexity using application of basic standards, principles, theories, concepts and techniques
· Leads simple to moderately complex projects
· Manages simple to moderately complex programs
· Work is reviewed for soundness of judgment, overall adequacy and accuracy JOB SPECIFIC

1. Efficient management of Bonus System:
· Timely closing of RMS - Remittance Management System)
· Timely accrual of monthly and yearly bonus.
· Timely payment of distributor bonus.
· Timely bonus statement printing and sending.
2. Comply with tax and legal requirements pertaining to distributor bonus:
· Understand and implement procedures in compliance to legal requirements.
· Ensure tax requirements are being complied.
· Timely PIT declaration and paid to Government.
· Communicate to distributors on their responsibilities as responsible tax payers.
3. Efficient processing of distributors returns:
· Ensure proper and timely issue Credit voucher and refund of returns and resignations.
· Constantly seek for efficient processes.
4. Bonus Balance sheet and reconciliation:
· Ensure bonus balance sheet are balanced.
· Timely reconciliation of Bonus and Journal entry, Bonus accrual.
· Timely reconciliation of Credit voucher/cash/bank transfer for bonus payment and return payment.
5. Special projects:
· Work with Ada Sales Analyst team to support Programming for bonus system.
· Support special projects led by Ada Team such as Atlas and Magic Project.
· Ensure SIP and annual bonus was paid timely. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND/OR RELATED EXPERIENCE* * or an equivalent combination of formal education, on-the-job training, and/or work and life experience

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and/or Related Experience:
· Good command of spoken and written forms in both English & Vietnamese.
· Thorough knowledge and experiences in accounting management & tax regulation.
· Good knowledge of Excel spreadsheet and Power point presentation skill.
· Excellent in communication & presentation skills.
· Strong organizational skill and ability to effectively manage multi-task.
· Result-oriented and able to work under high pressure.
· Leadership skill and problem-solving skill.