Salary Survey 2020: Should You Expect A Higher Salary And Better Benefits?

Salary Survey 2020: Should You Expect A Higher Salary And Better Benefits?

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

10:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Salary and benefits are the most important factors influencing a employees' decision to find or switch jobs or whether to stay or enter into a new field. Assessing the salary and benefits that employees are receiving compared to the general market benchmark will help employees to plan their career paths to match their desired income. Besides, based on the benchmark, employers also have more information to develop effective human resources strategy and recruitment plans.

With the largest employee data in Vietnam, Navigos Group conducted this survey to provide a comprehensive perspective on salaries and benefits in various fields and industries in Vietnam today. We hope you will take 5 minutes to complete this survey. The completed report will be published publicly and Navigos Group will send you a report in PDF format as a sincere thank you for taking the time to participate in the survey.

*** Confidential: Personal information of survey participants will be completely confidential and will not disclose details in the content of the Report.