Vietnamese Generation Y: Career Ambition and Startup Desire

"Vietnamese Generation Y :

Career Ambition and startup desire"

GenGeneration Y are young people who are ambitious for career development and highly motivated. They also have a positive outlook on career prospects and especially very big dreams. However, whether these young people have really gained enough skills and qualities to realize those plans or not? Another significant finding of the survey is that Vietnamese generation Y has low commitment to the organization. Facing this problem, employers either adapt to the general trend of young labors or explore the methods to increase employees’ engagement with the company.

  • A generation with a desire to start up
  • The motivations for generation Y to start up their own business
  • Generation Y have less commitment to the organisation
  • Generation Y believe in their own effort to get promotion
  • Vietnamese generation Y are optimistic about industry 4.0 as well as their career prospects