Information Technology Vietnam Labor Supply Market Report 2019

Ho Chi Minh City, March 13, 2019 - VietnamWorks, the largest online recruitment website in Vietnam, belongs to Navigos Group, recently released "Information Technology Vietnam labor supply market report 2019". The report 2019 is based on two main data resources, including IT jobs data on and IT Salary and Benefits Survey of Vietnam labor supply of VietnamWorks.

1. Information technology candidates' salary overview

Software developer with Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise are receiving the highest salary

According to specialty-based salary statistics, engineers with new technologies knowledge such as Blockchain and AI are receiving the highest salary and higher than other specialty groups. Accordingly, engineers that develop software related to Blockchain received an average salary of USD 2,241, followed by USD 1,844 for AI-related software, ranked 3rd is Full Stack with a salary of USD 1.642.

Solution architect receive the highest salary in term of job roles

In terms of job roles, the top 3 positions with the highest salary are Solution Architect with a salary of USD 1,753; Agile/Scrum Engineer with a salary of USD 1,500 and Project Manager with a salary of USD 1,372.

Most IT personnel have not received the desired salary

When surveying the current salary and the expected salary by job level, programming language, specialty,… most respondents agreed that they were receiving a lower salary than that expected. The lowest difference is about USD 300 and the highest is about USD 1000.

It is worth mentioning that Management-level engineers in Ho Chi Minh City expect a salary of USD 2,625, but only receive USD 1,550, which is a difference of about USD 1,075; The Front-end engineers in Hanoi expects a salary of USD 1,385 but is receiving a salary of USD 635, which is less than half of the expected amount and the difference is USD 750. Similarly, the case of receiving a salary of less than half of the expectation is the JavaScript language engineer with the expectation of USD 1,555 and actually receiving USD 725.

2. Benefits & Bonuses in IT industry

More than half of the IT employees of Vietnam labor supply do not receive overtime pay

According to the survey, up to 59% of IT staffs have not received overtime pay, more than a quarter of respondents said they were unhappy with not receiving overtime pay.

IT human resources are not completely satisfied with the bonus policy of the companies

Top 3 bonus schemes being applied the most at companies are 13th-month salary, accounting for 81% of surveyed opinions; Tet bonus accounts for 40% and Project bonus accounts for 26%.

Nearly a half of respondents said they felt "partly satisfied" (40%) and "totally satisfied" (8%) with the current bonus policy, the rest felt normal and unhappy at different degrees. The dissatisfied group accounted for 20%, citing the reason because "Poor bonus value" and "Poor bonus types".

3. IT jobseeker's behaviors and job change intention

Online job portal is the most popular job-seeking channel

According to the survey, currently from entry-level employees to Manager level, mostly choose online job search site as a popular channel. This channel also allows them to successfully apply for a job with the highest success rates compared to other channels such as Google Search, LinkedIn, IT communities on social media.

Salary is the main reason for job change in the next 6 months

When asked about the intention to change jobs in the next 6 months, up to 60% said they intend to change jobs. The main reasons are told by respondents is: To have a higher salary (accounting for 47%); Want higher career level (accounting for 15%) and Want to refresh the working environment (accounting for 10%)

4. Recommended from Navigos Group

Mr. Gaku Echizenya, CEO of Navigos Group said, “The demand for recruiting IT human resources of  Vietnam labor supply is increasing more and more in the digital era, which leads to many challenges to attract and retain talents. In addition, the shortage of human resources with new technological expertise (such as Blockchain and AI) leads to a salary imbalance in the market and a potential risk for employees that works in other specialties might be unemployed or being paid with a lower salary. Through the report “Information Technology labor market report 2019”, we find that the salary, bonus, and the overtime pay policy need to be better improved by businesses to meet the expectations of employees. For new technology expertise, enterprises can actively develop potential talents to solve shortage problems and create new opportunities for those whose specialty is no longer trending. In addition, in order to attract and retain talents better, companies can consider improving the working environment in accordance with the characteristics of technology employees, building a clearer career development roadmap for each employee, promoting more engagement activities and employer branding. 

(Conducted by Vietnamworks)