Fresh Graduates: Opportunities & Challenges

“Fresh Graduates At The Beginning Of Their Professional Careers: Opportunities And Challenges”

Navigos Group, the leading company in Vietnam’s recruitment industry, operator of job portal VietnamWorks and executive search firm Navigos Search, proudly announces the report on “Fresh Graduates At The Beginning of Their Professional Careers: Opportunities and Challenges”. Our survey was conducted in October 2018, sampling over 1,600 participants who are fresh graduates with less than 2-year working experience in the labor market.

  • A gap is present between school-taught knowledge and practical work
  • A lack of career orientation is the biggest obstacle in finding jobs
  • Income and welfare is prioritized by fresh graduates when choosing their first jobs
  • Fresh graduates with language abilities have higher-paying jobs
  • Young employees are not satisfied with the compensation, incentives and promotion opportunities at their current jobs
  • Young jobseekers disagree that “the reason for jumping jobs is to have higher earnings”
  • Future career orientation from the perspective of fresh graduates