Crucial Factors which affect retail workforce: Currently and in 5 years

  "Crucial Factors which affect retail workforce: currently and in 5 years" 

The survey conducted by Navigos Group showed us more clearly the portrait of retail candidates, with their own characteristics and skills, which not all candidates in other industries would have. Therefore, despire the competitiveness in the job market, retail industry is still a place where talented people can prove their "level", not only to Vietnamese candidates but also to expart candidates.

  • Retail is still an attractive sector in the recruitment market
  • Industrial 4.0 will impact on Retail workforce in the next 5 years
  • The biggest challenge for employers in Retail industry: high turnover rate
  • The most recent reason for candidates to change their jobs
  • Candidates who have experience in e-commerce will get higher salary from 10%-30%
  • Expats candidates will be the most competitive candidates in retail sector
  • Social media is the best channel for building “Employer Branding”