Career Prospects & Skill Trends in Vietnam 2018 - 2022

"Career Prospects & Skill Trends In Vietnam (2018 – 2022)”

VietnamWorks, the biggest online job site in Vietnam under Navigos Group, today publishes the market report on “Career Prospects & Skill Trends in Vietnam (2018-2022)”. These findings are from an independent study conducted in the half later of 2018 by VietnamWorks, surveying over 200 human resources professionals currently holding managerial positions in top firms and corporations in Vietnam, some other through Navigos Search job vacancy.

  • “Automation” is the technological factor with the biggest influence on the labor market for the next 5 years
  • Recruitment demands will change as a result of the shifting nature of work and labor structure
  • High Tech & Engineering is the most promising job category in the near future
  • "Problem sensibility” is the most essential ability for future jobseekers
  • "Active learning" becomes the most essential basic skill for employees
  • "Cooperation" is the most important cross-functional skill
  • Employers prioritize “developing automation” and “recruiting employees with skills suitable for new technology”