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[Webinar Replay] “Labor Market Overview and Ready for Next Challenges" for Japanese partners


Posted by Ngoc Thuy Nguyen

over 1 year ago

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many enterprises need to revise all their corporate strategies to continue operating in this environment. Especially for Human Resource Management, a new approach to employee retention has never been more important to maintain business stability & productivity. 

To support Japanese enterprises to understand Vietnam labor market in 2020 and how to get ready for the next challenges in human retention, Navigos Search has organized the webinar with the topic of “Labor Market Overview and Ready for Next Challenges" for Japanese partners.


  • Mr. Gaku Echizenya – CEO at Navigos Group
  • Mr. Masaya Yamada – Team Leader at Navigos Search
During the webinar, Mr. Gaku Echizenya shared about the fluctuations of Vietnam Labor Market under the impact of Covid-19. As a reason, he emphasized why businesses should invest in retention programs to motivate employee's spirit and keep their performance in good shape as well.

The Webinar has received positive feedback from attendees for valuable information that the speakers provided. Let's check out the replay of webinar and look forward to our next series of HR webinar!



今回のセミナーのスピーカーは、先月7月に特別措置入国という形で14日間の隔離処置を経てベトナムに再入国をした、当社代表・越前谷 学(えちぜんや がく)が担当させて頂きます。



スピ―カー:越前谷 学 (Navigos Group / Vietnam Works代表)

ファシリテーター:山田 将也 (エンジャパン出向・人事エキスパート)


【 完全なビデオを見る