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What is headhunting in External recruitment and How does it work?


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

11 months ago

Headhunters are an important part of finding jobs for anyone, especially for those who are in high-level or management positions. However, most job seekers usually misunderstandings the role of a headhunter and as a result, they miss out on countless good job opportunities. In this article, Navigos Search will explain exactly what is headhunting in recruitment as well as how headhunting companies work and how you can find them. 

What is headhunting in external recruitment?

External recruitment is the evaluation of a group of candidates outside the organization or business, to see if they have the skills or qualifications to take over the necessary or vacant positions. When an enterprise conducts outside recruitment, it can employ a headhunter to facilitate the process of searching, contacting, and recruiting.

What is a headhunter in recruitment?

Headhunter is a "head-hunting" service - deployed by a specialized recruitment provider, to find suitable candidates for the job position required by the recruiting business. Headhunter is also known as a profession, the person who specializes in the job of finding "talent" according to the order is the headhunter profession.

Why does the headhunter career be so hot?

The responsibility of the headhunter does not stop after adopting the requirements of the two sides but continues until the candidate prepares the procedures to work at evenly up to one year they take their job at their new company. The reason makes headhunter become the hottest job by:

  1. Help businesses reach high-level candidates accurately and easily - Most businesses often want to use the third-party headhunter service, when they need to recruit high-level positions but do not want to advertise the vacancy or unable to proactively find the right person. 
  2. Help passive senior candidates find jobs and less risky - The highly qualified candidates and experienced employees often do not want to publish their resume on online job search websites or submit it to businesses that are hiring. They only apply when they have found out enough information about employers and specific jobs.
  3. Connect with suitable senior candidates in a highly competitive industry - Although every company has a human resource department, the limitation of relationships with senior candidates will make it difficult for businesses to find the right talent. Then, the employer will need to look to Headhunter.

For example, in the Hotel - Restaurant industry, the demand for recruiting talented candidates to take management positions such as General Manager, CEO, Department Director, Restaurant Management ... has become even more essential. 

How is Headhunt in Vietnam paid?

  • The Headhunter only makes money when they recruit successfully, candidates have passed the trial at the customer company. The usual fee is 20% to 30% of the first-year salary of a vacancy. When headhunt companies work for businesses, they are more motivated to satisfy customers than direct candidates.

  • The less reputable headhunter companies often compete with professional firms that own large customer networks and candidates. They can operate in a similar way, such as email, making contact calls, or connecting via LinkedIn.

How does the headhunter work?

Businesses often hire headhunters when there is a need for hiring managers and senior candidates, but in some cases, headhunt companies and executive search companies can still be involved in recruiting staff positions. Headhunters working on behalf of client companies often hunt for international organizations and foreign-invested companies in search of top talent. In addition, some individuals may contact a headhunter to provide a resume to apply for a position that the headhunter is seeking. Today, headhunters are supported on many levels by internet technologies, including social media and online job platforms.


  • This process always starts with employers. A manager or HR specialist writes a description of the type of candidates being sought. They often include both soft and soft skills and often describe the types of personalities that would fit their organization.

  • The headhunter then gathers on finding an exact match. They are hired to streamline the hiring process, without complicating it. Therefore, they only care about candidates who match the exact criteria they receive.

Final words

Besides helping businesses exactly find the most suitable candidates, a headhunter also greatly improves job seekers’ chances of finding their next job. In addition, building a good relationship with the headhunter can bring both businesses and employees great value in their careers because they will keep in touch and let you know about suitable vacancies for career development in their network. To learn more about headhunter and executive search solutions, please contact Navigos Search in the Contact Page or visit our office on the 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.