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What is a recruitment company presentation and what it used for?


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

5 months ago

In modern life, Recruitment Firms take an important role in bringing the best talent searching for most of the Vietnam companies and businesses around the world. Before offering news HR solutions, Navigos Search, a leading executive search firm in Vietnam, has a duty to help our client's businesses understand thoroughly about our services as well as how our professional process can help businesses get over the human resources problem. That's why carefully preparing a recruitment company presentation is always the first step in our process. Let's find a recruitment firm presentation in this article. 

About recruitment company presentation

What is a recruitment company presentation?

A recruitment company presentation also known as a recruitment proposal is usually made in a PowerPoint (PPT) form. This file helps recruitment services providers show how their services look like as well as how their process can be deployed and resolve clients' business problems.

What does it use for?

The recruitment presentation helps to implement various creative recruitment strategies. This file must show recruitment firms’ aims and the strategy to help businesses with their services or methods to represent businesses in recruiting talent for your company more efficiently.

The HR proposals can also be used for recruitment process outsourcing, application tracking system, recruitment plan, employee selection process, employment strategy plan, and many more.

What must be included in a recruitment company presentation?

A recruitment company presentation should have clear and significant selection criteria which will further help to avoid bias. In general, the recruitment firm presentation draws key HR services offer, current vacancies, recruitment sources, job description, recruitment funnel, enrollment tracker and budget, etc.

  • Executive Search Summary: Company’s vision, mission, Department & Team, Team members.

  • Services: The recruitment firm proposal should contain which services the firm offer such as consulting, payroll services, retained search, and RPO services….

  • Current Vacancies: This category needs to describe the job vacancies look like, like department, job position, min experience required, roles & responsibilities…

  • Recruitment Process: This is the most important part of the recruitment company presentation when meeting with client business. The recruitment process helps clients understand the road HR firm finds the best talent candidates for businesses as well as convince businesses to choose a recruitment provider than another one in the market. This step can include these steps: Understand the client’s requirements, Sourcing candidates, Shortlist candidates, First interview round, Send for the final interview, a job offer.

  • Recruitment Budget: This part mentions the total number of employees to be hired and how recruitment spends the budget they received from client businesses.

Tips to create the best recruitment proposal

The clear and professional recruitment proposal not only brings a good impression for the HR services provider but also success in convincing client businesses to use services. In case your agency needs to prepare the best impressive proposal for your customers, take a glance at our tips below:

  • Make a good design and eye-catching proposal - A well-prepared appearance always helps recruitment firms to make a good impression with clients. Do not forget to concentrate on both outlook and services when you are doing the services industry.

  • Bring short, concise, and clean information - Ensure you bring enough needed information in your proposal in a concise content.

  • Save the PPT slides in JPG or PDF format - It helps you face any problem

  • Add a business name or logo to make a great brand identification in customers' brains.

The final words

Prepare a recruitment company presentation to help customers understand your services as well as how you make your strategy successful is the best way to convince them to choose you. Understanding this conception, at Navigos Search, a leading executive search firm in Vietnam, we provide client businesses full and enough information before you decide to choose any of our HR services. To get more information about our recruitment process and our companies, please get in touch with Navigos Search by filling out the Contact Page. Or you can visit our office on the 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam