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Vietnam - an attractive destination for foreign workers


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

Vietnam has become an attractive destination for highly qualified foreign workers to come to work. Foreign candidates contribute to diversifying the Vietnam labor sources, contributing to promoting cooperation and expanding international markets. In the article, we are interested in job opportunities as well as prospects for career development in Vietnam.

Expected & Challenge

Many foreign employees who come to Vietnam still face many difficulties in the early stages because of differences in language and culture,... but they quickly integrate and feel satisfied with the choice of themselves. The report of "Foreign candidates: Expectations and challenges when working in Vietnam" published by Navigos Group shows that foreigners who come to work in Vietnam are mostly satisfied with their living environment, although the first step is still a bit strange. The report is published based on the analysis results of the survey of candidates from many different countries and diverse industries.

Vietnam labor sources

The biggest challenge for foreigners when coming to Vietnam is the cultural barrier. A remarkable number is that about 60% of the survey participants said that they did not attend training courses exclusively for foreigners, this may be the reason related to the above "cultural obstacle". According to the report, there are three main causes of cultural barriers: language barrier (accounting for 29%), the difference between expectations and reality such as environment, indigenous culture, relationships, etc. account for 27% and ultimately lack understanding (18%).

Prospects for career development

Although there exist some cultural barriers, no foreign candidate cannot deny the opportunity for career development in Vietnam. These opportunities are expressed through a friendly working environment, corporate culture, salary, and social welfare.

Stable working environment.

The majority of foreign workers said the reason for moving to Vietnam was to feel interested in experiencing the culture and working environment in Vietnam. Others argue that they want to experience the potential labor market and explore opportunities to challenge themselves. They shared that it is interesting to work in Vietnam because living and working in a peaceful country, people who are friendly with national identity will help foreigners feel more excited about their lives. 

vietnam labor supply

However, the decision to come to Vietnam to work due to wanting to experience, foreign candidates do not have much ambition to advance here. Accordingly, only one quarter said they would like to be promoted higher in Vietnam. 65% did not expect to advance for various reasons such as: Satisfied with the current professional position (27%); Only want to work freely in a variety of fields (15%); Not serious about promotions because they will return to their country soon (9%); Experience in Vietnam is a condition for advancement when returning home (6%).

Language and culture are barriers that make it difficult for foreign candidates to advance in Vietnam

When asked about the challenges for advancement in Vietnam, the top 3 reasons being chosen by the survey candidates are Language barriers (34%); Indigenous people priority policy for senior management positions (24%); Lack of understanding in Management style in Vietnam (21%). Foreign candidates think that they need specialized training on the integration of Vietnamese culture and change the management style of Vietnam into global.

Salary and social benefits.

Foreign candidates are the Vietnam labor supply because they are potential candidates for senior personnel positions in Vietnam. However, the special regimes that foreign applicants receive are not necessarily the benefits they feel most important. Accordingly, the top 3 of the special benefits they are receiving the most are funds for moving to Vietnam; housing expenses; support costs when returning home. In fact, when asked what is the most important benefit, the top 3 answers are health benefits (periodic medical examination, expenses for participation in sports services, ...); Paid leaves (Annual leave, personal work, homework, etc.) and Housing Expenses. 

vietnam labor supply

On the other hand, welfare in Vietnam achieves the satisfaction of foreign candidates, but the welfare regime in their home country is still better. The overall rating of the overall satisfaction of foreign applicants is 3.5/5. Despite the satisfaction with welfare and remuneration policies, 53% think that their country still has better policies when compared to the regime at home. 26% think that policies in Vietnam are better, 19% think that there is no difference.

Final words

Mr. Gaku Echizenya, General Director of Navigos Group Vietnam said: “In the 4.0 revolution if we always aim to create a “diversified working environment” and build an "interfering corporate culture", having a team of senior foreign candidates is something to consider for the business. In order for Vietnam to better understand the "global leadership style" and at the same time help FDI enterprises to quickly integrate and develop when investing in Vietnam, businesses need to understand the challenges of foreigners working here. 

Navigos Search will help businesses better understand the challenges of foreigners working here, and propose ways for businesses to better assist them in integration. Please leave us your request by filling out the form on the contact page or visiting us on the 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh