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Top frequently questions you could meet in most of company job recruitment positions


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

5 months ago

Preparing carefully for the interview is always the easiest way to help you get more chances to have a successful interview. Let's take a look at the most classic interview questions that are always applied by employers as well as the most appropriate interview answers to help you easily score points with them!

Top frequently questions in company job recruitment interview & How to answer it

If you are preparing for a job interview and confused about what the employer will ask you, the following questions and answers could help.

1. Tell me about yourself

When being asked about introducing yourself, be confident. Try to give short and truthful information about yourself. It is best to practice answering these regular questions with friends before the interview, it could help you answer fluently.

You can offer some personal accomplishments that you have achieved in the past. Take this opportunity to help "upgrade" yourself a little more with data, a specific portfolio! Employers do not have much time, so your answers should be concise, short, and make the best impression with the employer.

2. Why did you choose to work at our company?

More than 90% of candidates are "stripped" from the list because of the answers: "Because I like", "Because I have colleagues to introduce" or "Because I need a job". Sentimental answers will also get poor results.

Employers need people to help them grow their businesses based on competence and goals. So, provide answers to help you and them "find the most in common", based on aspects of human character, workplace culture, the scope of work, development opportunities, etc.

3. What do you know about our company?

This is the most common interview question of any company job recruitment, so it's best to go online and learn about the company or ask your friends and the old workers if they know about the company more thoroughly. The better you know about their company, the higher appreciation the employers think about you.

4. Why should we choose you?

I have all the qualifications, experience, and skills to meet the requirements of the position you are recruiting, give the number of years of experience in the same field if available and appear confident that I am The best candidate for the position your company is recruiting (don't be overconfident), and prove beyond your ability to meet the job, you also have some strong points such as serious working attitude and enthusiasm at work.

5. Why did you quit your job at your old company?

Do not let employers judge you are not good with these types of interview questions, sincere advice for you is to never give reasons that you quit at your old company such as Rules too rigorous, conflicts with colleagues or due to dissatisfaction with the boss. With such answers, you can be eliminated right from the candidate's list. So what to do? Please answer this interview question with something like:

  • The development strategy of the old company is no longer suitable, you are not allowed to do the desired job (the job you are applying for), the opportunity to develop yourself is not high, you want to find a new and effective working environment where has more opportunities for development, and higher learning to be able to contribute in the long term.

The employers will find you really looking for a better new environment, so don't forget to include: I know the company has a good development orientation, working environment and The mode matches what I desire.

6. Why don't you go to work for a long time?

Never reply that you can not find a job or some reasons such as being sick or busy with family and individuals reasons that make you not want to go to work. These are not good answers at all. 

To convince your employer, you should prepare some reasons that are related to work, such as during that time you take an advanced English course or something that is relevant to your field, to prepare more for your next job.

7. How long are you planning to work for our company?

For this question, it's best not to answer in detail how long, short, or long you will do, but to answer it wisely: I will make enough long for your company until both sides feel satisfied. Every company job recruitment process requires employers to know clearly about how far this new employee can go along with businesses. This helps HR recruiters reduce the failure after the candidate receives a job and leaves the position after the probation period.

8. What is your expected salary?

There is a truth that people work to earn for life. And the law here is whoever mentioned the salary first will lose. You should ask what the salary your company usually pays for the position you apply for. Let the interviewer come to this topic and be the first to mention the salary yourself.

9. How to withstand the pressure from your work?

Respond to this question wisely, such as the pressure will work best and show that you have been faced with pressure and you know the methods of balancing and know how to overcome it. If the pressure of your work is not effective, you have difficulty in finding a solution, your solution will be to focus and try harder to meet the job, thanks to the fear of the help of colleagues and friends. Show that you are not afraid to face the pressure of work.

10. Do you have any questions for me?

This may be one of the most important questions asked during the interview. By now, you may have covered most of the basics of position and company, so take the time to ask the employer about their own experience with the company and get advice on how you can succeed if hired.

It is best to prepare some questions at home first. If you say no, the employer will underestimate you and assume that you don't care much about the company as well as the position.


These are 10 questions you often encounter when interviewing for a job, as well as some ways to answer interview questions that help you make a good impression with the employer. To meet the Navigos Search consultant team or consult about company job recruitment with Navigos Search, please contact us by filling the form on our Contact Page or visit our office on the 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam