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Tips to Find job During Covid-19 Time Via Recruitment Firm


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

The COVID19 pandemic had a significant impact on the economy, causing thousands of workers to struggle to lose their job, unpaid leave, or income reduction and can earn for life. Despite the gloomy expression of the recruitment market, a significant number of workers still need to look for jobs during the epidemic season. The job career for each person can be different but the main aim is to maintain temporary income during the pandemic. In the article below, Navigos Search will give you some advice on finding suitable jobs through a recruitment firm in this tough time!

Recruitment situation in Vietnam during the Covid-19 season

From February to May is the golden time for employment and for job seekers to make a career move. However, job search rates are high but most Vietnam companies are affected by Covid-19 so recruitment demand is not as high as in previous years. 

According to the recent report from VietnamWorks about the Vietnam recruitment market, by the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 60% of businesses showed a certain capacity to maintain and continue developing business. Accordingly, 44% of businesses said that they were operating normally, able to maintain the workforce as well as salaries and benefits for employees; 16% of businesses said they are growing and increasing their workforce scale.

The labor shortage in manufacturing businesses and list of business bankruptcy

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the labor force is currently in severe shortage in manufacturing businesses. Because most workers are Chinese and account for more than 11,000 / 40,000 workers still can not return to work due to the disease. Besides those companies that have sustained in the time of the pandemic, many businesses have encountered difficulties and had to reduce employees. Especially in industries such as import and export, tourism, aviation, real estate or F&B, etc. As a result, thousands of workers lost their jobs without any pay or reduced their working time.

Tips to Find job During Covid-19 Time Via Recruitment Firm

This imbalance has led to an increase in the demand for seasonal employment. For unemployed people, this may be an opportunity for them to hone their skills or discover themselves in another career field. So how job seekers can make a good impression with employers as well as get their wished job by asking for help from a recruitment firm. Check out some tips listed below.

Invest in your CV and submit on recruitment channel

No matter what you choose, working with a recruitment firm, or directly applying with businesses, preparing carefully for your resume, and for interviewing with recruiters is a very important step. 

Many candidates or newly graduated in the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic should have more time to stay home. This is the chance to spend more time taking care of your resume.

Thanks to the development and advanced technology, now job seekers can easily find their suitable career and apply online no matter where they are. To succeed in this step, your CV should make an impression on the employers. Your CV online will be saved in the data and transferred to the recruitment network. This could help you get more chances to have work in the future.

Choose a well-known recruitment online platform

The best way to help you succeed in applying for a recruitment platform to help you have more opportunities is to choose the famous recruitment channel. The famous recruitment channel not only offers job seekers the large job vacancies but also has a large connection with employers that can connect the employers with the right talent employees, this also means job seekers have more chances of finding their suitable job.

Up to the present time after the COVID 19 effect, the number of recruitment registrations of businesses is decreasing and many people are requesting unemployment benefits. Online recruitment channels such as VietnamWorks and high-level recruitment Navigos Search can assist job seekers most effectively at this moment as well as bring the best connection between employers and candidates.

Selecting home-based work

Freelancers or online jobs were much more attractive in this period. Candidates should prefer to look for online jobs, collaborators working from home. At the same time, the process of "online interview" and "online probation" should be flexible, if possible. This has not only worried about the two sides' concerns about the disease but also guaranteed the quality of work they were in charge of.

Besides, candidates could choose part-time or seasonal positions to earn for life before finding a more suitable job. Taking a part-time job is not synonymous with stopping looking for other better positions. You can connect with a headhunter or an HR search firm if you feel it hard to find a job in your industry at the current time.

Campaign "Career Support" from Navigos Search

The campaign "Career Support" was launched by Navigos Search on April 22, 2020, and is expected to last until May 2020, with the goal of providing the fastest support for all workers who have difficulties when seeking new opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the preliminary data above, the top 3 industries having candidates looking for job opportunities are 26% for Manufacturing; 10% for Tourism / Hotel / Restaurant, and 6% for Financial Services / Insurance. This is also the top of the industries that have reduced recruitment demand in the first quarter of 2020 according to a recent recruitment report of Navigos Search, but it is determined that there is an increase in labor supply and the demand for recruitment will increase sharply after the pandemic,

According to Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai, CEO of Navigos Search, many candidates have difficulty finding a new opportunity at this time. Therefore, this campaign is a commitment of Navigos Search to the candidates and businesses together to overcome the difficulties of the impact of the pandemic.

The final words

Today, the proliferation of online recruitment channels benefits both employers and candidates. Through these channels, you can find jobs quickly in all industries. In addition, candidates and employers are easily connected to each other to make recruitment more effective. However, to make your career more effective in your next step, asking for help from a recruitment firm is very important for a job seeker, especially in this tough time. For senior candidates and managers, Navigos Search owns the best recruitment solutions to help you quickly get your job. To meet Navigos Search consultant team, please contact us by filling the form on the Contact Page or visit our office on the 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4 Ho ChiMinh City, Vietnam.