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Navigos Search Vietnam help people and businesses achieve their dreams of success


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

Candidates want to get the right jobs, and businesses want to find the right people for the vacancy, that's why they need headhunter services in Vietnam. Navigos Search Recruitment Vietnam is confident that we can help both businesses and candidates achieve their desires. In the article, Navigos Search consulting Vietnam will give you a clearer concept of how we do it.

About Navigos Search in Vietnam

Mr. Gaku Echizenya, CEO of Navigos Group, said that the company's main mission is to help people and businesses achieve the dream of success in their field. Navigos Group, a company that provides recruitment consultants in Vietnam, currently owns VietnamWorks online job search site and Navigos Search middle and high-level recruitment company.  In 2003, Navigos Group established Navigos Search, the first time bringing the concept of "mid-level and high-level personnel recruitment consulting service" to the Vietnam market. 

navigos search recruitment vietnam

In the context that Vietnam is strongly attracting foreign investment, Navigos Search HR Agent Vietnam has assisted hundreds of FDI enterprises and multinational companies to successfully recruit mid-level and senior personnel. Mr. Gaku Echizenya, General Director of Navigos Group, said that Navigos Search consultancy in Vietnam operates with a long-term vision, both interested in candidates getting jobs, and interested in their sustainable success in the future.

How can Navigos Search headhunter company Vietnam help businesses?

The headhunter agency Vietnam can charge different fees based on vacancy or on services selected by the business. In general, businesses that require executive positions are more costly than low-level jobs. So how does headhunter company Vietnam help businesses?

navigos search hr agent vietnam

  • Save time and resource - Using headhunter services Vietnam helps employers or the business itself save their time and resource in hiring staffing. Businesses can use excellent knowledge and extensive personnel networking of headhunter companies to find recruitment solutions and talented personnel. 

  • Make use of available resources of recruitment firms - With the extensive HR network, headhunter agencies can quickly contact potential employees in a short time. Therefore, businesses will get a list of the best candidates to choose for vacancies. 

  • Access and use more services and resources - Difficult to recruit senior personnel, businesses do not need to worry about that because recruitment search firms have a professional recruitment process as well as the best talent recruiter will replace businesses looking for senior personnel.

  • Save time and effort in recruiting - And above all, they can help businesses carry out the interview process from posting recruitment, filtering profiles, interviews to onboarding. 

Why choose Navigos Search when the business comes into the Vietnamese market?

Navigos Search is one of the oldest and leading companies in the recruitment consulting industry. We own a large recruitment website and have a large number of candidates in Vietnam, which is VietnamWorks. Especially, we have a large network of personnel, covering all industries' human resources. 

Over 17 years of establishment, Navigos Search has cooperated with thousands of customers and hundreds of thousands of candidates who are middle and high-level personnel in the Vietnam market. Navigos Search confidently asserts that we understand Vietnam's human resources market more than anyone, any organization. 

The biggest advantage of us is to have a team of experienced consultants and candidate database details. The merger of En World has enabled us to share advanced processes and systems, reaching new heights in customer service quality. We also extend services to places of En World, with offices in Japan, India, and Thailand. Therefore, choosing our services, businesses will be provided with excellent recruiting solutions and professional employees. 


Bring an excellent connection to business and candidates, Navigos Search Vietnam is arguably the most promising employer of the future. Using these recruitment services in the right ways can help employers and employees achieve dreams of success. To find out more about Navigos Search Recruitment Vietnam, please leave us your requirements by filling the form on the contact page or visit us on floor 20, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh.