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Japan recruitment agency in Vietnam - the right choice for Foreigners and Expats candidates


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

According to Navigos Search, Vietnam is a destination for many FDI enterprises, because of the fast-growing economy and favorable geographical conditions, stable politics, and many approved free-trade policies. Besides, foreigners coming to Vietnam to work also have 3 special benefits including funding for movement; housing costs; and the cost of returning home. However, the most important benefit for foreign candidates when working in Vietnam is health benefits, paid leave, and housing costs. In this article, Navigos Search will explain to you how using a Japan recruitment agency is a good channel to get a job in Vietnam.

What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency in Vietnam often equates with a headhunting firm or a human resources business partner. These third parties have the main duty in supporting businesses in finding the best suitable employees or talented candidates. In some special positions, senior or high-level include C-level, the recruitment service providers are called as an Executive Search firm or agency.

How does a recruitment agency work?

When headhunter receives the job requirements from client businesses, headhunters will search in their database, their network, recruitment sites, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. to find people matching customers' requirements. The headhunter will then interview, test, and evaluate the candidate before sending the list of best candidates to customers. So only when your experience matches the requirements of the client business requirements and job positions qualification, the recruitment firm's staff will contact you.

How Navigos Search helps Expats candidates find the right job?

The number of foreigners coming to Vietnam to work has increased rapidly over the past five years, according to statistics from the Employment Department (Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs). And Ho Chi Minh City has become one of the destinations for the goal of "settling down" for foreign workers.

Besides the part-time or seasonal job as a waitress, tutor,... the standard job or official job that requires contract work is highly increasing recently. But finding an official job in Vietnam for expats is still a big problem, that's why most foreigners tend to use online recruitment platforms such as VietnamWorks to find a job. For the high-level in their career, some foreigners come to HR consulting like Navigos Search, an executive search in Vietnam.

Recruitment channels for job seekers

Many foreigners find job information in Vietnam through global recruitment websites such as Navigos Search, japan recruitment agency, VietnamWorks for standard and mid-level positions. In addition, popular social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have also become an effective tool for finding suitable jobs for expats in Vietnam.

At Navigos Search, we bring multi solutions including employers and employees domestically and internationally in diverse industries and business segments. Our recruitment services include:

  • Job Search (For job seekers) - Navigos Search brings a friendly job search board where candidates can easily find their match job by easily applying online and discussing with our team members.
  • Contingency Search and Retained Search (For employers) - These HR recruitment solutions offer businesses multi-choice in finding the best candidates with an affordable budget.
  • RPO (For employers) - Using RPO services helps to save costs and increase efficiency for businesses than building, training, and investing for a private recruiting team at the company. Not to mention that in the context of the economy is still uncertain, the leadership can control costs and flexibly increase and decrease to recruit more effectively.

The foreigners can easily search for jobs on the Navigos Search Job Search page. Navigos Search, a Japan recruitment agency, provides a wide range of business segments and industries with particular locations that are convenient for job seekers.

Tips to choose the right job vacancies for expats

So how a foreigner or expat could find effective recruitment information, do not forget these tips below.

  • Choose the right job boards or job search channel - The easiest way to search for job vacancies is by typing on Google search bar. Then you can have a list of job boards or recruitment websites for foreigners in Vietnam. Choose the well-known and multi results to apply your CV.
  • Selective search - There are many job postings in many different industries and positions. Don't waste time searching and reading job offers when not in your field. Read it selectively and find it appropriate to your specialty, you should dig deeper and this will also increase the likelihood of your CV being selected.
  • Check recruitment information carefully - You must verify the credibility and reliability of the job offer. The minimum of any job postings must leave your company name or website address. So you can go to google to search or directly on that website to find more information about employers. If you see any suspicious signs of a fraud organization, you should stop it, do not send CVs or any information to them.

Final thought

Above are some advice that might help you - an expatriate to find job vacancies information in Vietnam. This is the first step to help you get a good job, suitable for yourself later. In Navigos Search, we offer recruitment services that connect employers and employees in effective ways. To meet our HR consultants, please contact Navigos Search, Japan recruitment agency by filling the form on the Contact Page or visit our office on 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam