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Human resources business partner advice: How to find talents during the Corona period?


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

6 months ago

According to Navigos Group - a reputable HR consulting service provider in Vietnam, the situation of human resources in industries after the end of social isolation is also not much improvement. Textiles, electronics, mechanics, furniture, banking, etc. are affected when they were previously forced to take unpaid or paid leave, take turns, or take payroll breaks.

So to have enough employees to revive production and business activities after the pandemic, businesses quickly recruited. It also brings an increase in the demand for recruiting. So how human resources business partners can resolve the talent shortage in most of the companies after the quarantine. Please take a glance at our briefing below.

Overview of a Human Resources Businesses Partner

A human resources business partner is an accomplished human resource team or professional one who works directly with an organization's managers or leaders members to develop and direct an HR plan that closely supports organizational goals. Rather than working primarily as a part of the internal HR department, the human resources business partner works closely with directors, team leaders, and the C-suite to plan, develop and deploy recruitment and human management strategy. 

Human resources business partners take an important role to ensure human resource policy and procedure throughout the organization fit the needs, goals of the organization, and its direction. The business partner is less focused on administration, compliance, and management but performing the training program or dealing with policy wording or the details of benefits packages and hiring strategy.

Recruitment situation after the Covid-19 epidemic

According to Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai (executive director of Navigos Search, a leading executive search firm in Vietnam), COVID-19 has had an economic and social impact on a global scale.

"This pandemic has the most direct and visible impact in industries such as manufacturing and services. The interrupting global supply chain affects the performance of manufacturing enterprises. The policy of "social quarantine" restricting movement and contact. This also brings greatly bad effects to the service sectors such as tourism, hotel, education industries in Vietnam", Ms. Phuong Mai shared.

Specifically, according to data from VietnamWorks, the number of job postings in the following industries shows a decrease compared to the same period last year: aerospace and tourism down 28%, restaurants and hotels down 21%, teachers' education and training down 11% ... Most enterprises in these fields have postponed or even canceled the previous recruitment plan.

According to the ILO (International Labor Organization), the world could lose 25 million jobs because of COVID-19. This pandemic causes general restrictions in all countries, regardless of whether it is a developed or developing country. Labor in industries with high levels of exposure to the disease, industries that cannot apply the policy of "working from home" face the risk of unemployment or must reduce working hours.

What does a Human resources business partner advise businesses in finding talents during the Corona period?

With the Coronavirus disease situation showing no signs of decline, some companies and businesses are faced with a shortage of human resources. If you wait until the end of the pandemic to deploy your recruitment strategy, it can be difficult because nobody knows when the pandemic comes to the end. Therefore, businesses are still recruiting to ensure the stability of their business process. So, what should employers pay attention to during the Corona season? These following advice from Human Resources Businesses Partner around the world can help businesses deal with this trouble.

1. Maintain recruiting activities and chance the WFH or Remoted job

Although the strong decrease in the number of candidates makes it difficult to recruit, this trait certainly does not last long because workers also need to work. So the HR, please keep the recruitment on a regular basis, because who knows when the job is suitable, the candidates will not hesitate to apply. Besides, online or remote jobs also had a greater attraction in this period. HR can promote the recruitment of remote or WFH jobs to attract candidates. At the same time, the human resources department can also suggest "online probation" if possible. This way not only helps businesses resolve the issues that come with the disease but also guarantees the recruitment targets.

2. Deploy online recruitment strategy

Online recruitment is not really difficult. Both recruiters and employees now can easily connect and communicate with each other by using online platforms or apps, more than that, interviews can also be done via video calls with popular apps today. Online interviews can also help businesses on the break to keep their jobs and find people after the season.

3. Make good use of technology to deploy smoothly online recruitment. 

Technology has proven that it delivers great results in communications tasks, which are especially effective for recruiting and helping new employees integrate. Creating a good experience for employees a few weeks before and after joining will set them up a path and rhythm that aligns with the company's goals.

4. Use multi recruitment channel and platform

The online recruitment platform or website or also called the job board is a well-known solution for both employers and job seekers. This recruitment online channel helps employers to analyze data, screen candidates according to strict standards to find the most suitable candidates for businesses. After that, a list of potential candidates will be sent to businesses to select and organize live interviews. With careful selection, the business will certainly be satisfied with the candidates provided.

Final words

The COVID-19 pandemic after the Tet holiday has been partially influenced by HR recruitment plans. Hopefully, the above suggestions will help employers find some solutions to maintain a good job search for their company. In case your businesses need to find talent candidates or recruitment consulting in this tough time, please take a look at Navigos Search services and contact us by filling your problem in the Contact Page. You also visit us directly at our office on the 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam