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How to find the best headhunter services in Ha Noi?


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

about 1 year ago

A recruitment strategy is an essential procedure to build a good and stable base on the development of businesses. In Vietnam, with the competitive labor market, asking for supporting recruitment agencies is an appropriate solution for most companies. Especially for businesses based in Hanoi Capital, finding and attracting talent is very important. To clarify the benefits of hiring headhunter services Ha Noi as well as the tips on how to find the best recruitment agency Ha Noi, please see more in Navigos Search today's article.

Recruitment is an investment for people

Recruitment is the process of finding and selecting the right people, to adapt the requirements of the vacant position with the long-term goals of the company. Good recruitment will bring businesses a suitable candidate for an important position. In general, recruitment solutions from a recruitment company in Hanoi bring the below benefits:

  • Help to improve the efficiency of the job and the company's reputation as recruiting employees is one of the activities that directly affect the quality of human resources of the business.
  • Save human resources training costs if high-quality candidates are recruited.
  • Avoid having to constantly hire new employees, build a corporate culture when recruiting people who have a long-term commitment to the company.

headhunter services in Ha Noi

Recruitment is a very important task that businesses should pay attention to investment. A properly invested personnel recruitment strategy will give the company a good human resource and support for business development. That's why most businesses operating in the Vietnam capital region should not ignore when hiring a recruitment company in Ha Noi.

Advantages of recruiting solutions for businesses

1. HR service companies connect business with talented candidates

For most businesses, hiring the right people is a complex job that requires a large amount of manpower in a given period. Especially during the holiday seasons or the busiest specific time of the year, the company may not have time to recruit its own employees. HR companies can solve this problem by helping businesses get the right amount of employees when needed, which reduces the complexity of hiring or long-term staffing costs that businesses don't really need. This type of recruitment ensures that employees of the business do not have to work overtime because the staff is not enough.

recruitment agencies in ha noi

In addition, recruitment agencies in Ha Noi can also handle specific personnel issues such as specialized projects or outside the scope of work. Instead of asking employees to handle projects that are not within their capabilities, businesses can connect with highly qualified candidates, best suited to specific projects through recruitment companies.

2. HR services companies can assist the business in finding the missing key positions

In many cases, employees suddenly terminate employment contracts or resign. These suddenly can create large gaps in the business operations of the business, especially those in management positions. A recruiting company will be a great solution to provide the right people for the business. Time is money, if the time the business finds a suitable location, it will have a significant impact on the business.

3. HR service companies help to deal with the needs of temporary, short-term employees

Employees outsource for a short time to adapt to the company's needs until the job is over. It is a trend of personnel and hiring companies exist to find temporary staff. Businesses can still focus on core business activities without affecting personnel structure in a short time.

Therefore, using human resource service is always a smart choice, an essential thing that Vietnamese businesses need to use to focus development resources to keep up with international integration.

recruitment company in ha noi

How to find the best recruitment agency in Ha Noi?

To choose the best headhunter services Ha Noi for the company's recruitment needs that fit your company budget, do not forget to follow these 4 steps.

Step 1: Determine your recruitment needs.

The first step in choosing the best recruitment agency is to clearly determine your recruitment needs. Determining the recruitment needs of businesses and a detailed description of the position that the business is looking for is a prerequisite necessary to select the right recruiting agency.

Step 2: Compare the top recruitment agencies.

Assessing and comparing the best recruitment agencies, you can also filter the results by different criteria to suit the needs of the business. In addition, you can refer to the reviews of customers who have used recruitment agency services for easy selection.

Step 3: Check the agency's expertise.

The third step in choosing the perfect recruiting agency is to examine the expertise of the top-choice recruiting agency. To avoid information disturbance, only the top 3 recruitment agencies should be checked in step 2. Priority is given to recruiting agencies with experience in the recruitment of human resources in the field of business of your company. 

Step 4: Choose the right recruitment agency.

In case businesses need to hire temporary staff, your best choice is staffing recruitment agencies in Ha Noi

In case businesses need to hire temporary staff, your best choice is staffing recruitment agencies. If businesses need to hire high-level executives, you should choose executive recruitment agencies. On the other hand, your best choice will probably be a general recruiting agency for everything else. Just make sure to look for recruitment agencies that specialize in your industry.


Based on the information provided by the article, businesses can easily select the headhunter services Ha Noi and Navigos Search in Hanoi is one of them. Coming to Navigos Search Hanoi, one of the companies specializing in providing high-quality human resources, all your company's human resources issues will be solved quickly and effectively. For more information, you can contact our hotline or fill out the form on the contact page for free consultation support.