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How does Navigos Search compete against other global headhunters in Vietnam?


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

In 2003, Navigos Group established Navigos Search Company, bringing the concept of "mid-level and high-level recruitment service" to the Vietnam market for the first time. In the context that Vietnam is strongly attracting foreign investment, Navigos Search has assisted hundreds of FDI enterprises and multinational companies to successfully recruit. So how Navigos Search maintains its position as the leading global headhunters in the Vietnam recruitment market. Let's find out in the below article.

What are the global headhunter's services?

Employees are the most important access to every organization. Having good and responsible employees help businesses strongly develop and grow. In Vietnam, businesses are still stuck with some problems such as where and how to find good employees, where to find good employees where our country still lacks high-quality and skilled human resources. Recruitment Services Providers is the answer. So what are the global headhunters and what do they do?

In general, global headhunter is an HR recruitment services provider located in Vietnam but offers HR solutions for domestic and foreign businesses. The mission of a recruitment firm is to help businesses find candidates who fit all the business requirements in a special position. Headhunter is excellent for posting and filtering services where businesses only cost money to recruit employees to work.

How does Navigos Search compete against other global headhunters in Vietnam?

Navigos Search is a leading recruitment firm that provides executive search services in Vietnam. Navigos Search is currently taking the first position in terms of quality and reputation among the recruitment services provider in the Vietnam market. Up to now, Navigos Search has cooperated with thousands of customers and hundreds of thousands of candidates of medium and high-level personnel in the Vietnam market.

VietnamWorks and Navigos Search are both recruitment solutions operations belonging to Navigos Group. After 15 years of operation, Navigos Group's VietnamWorks has become the leading recruitment source in Vietnam with more than 3 million users and 13,000 registered employers. Now, both employers and employees can easily choose their suitable recruitment platform to find their wished job or talented candidates. This also has the advantage that makes Navigos Group stand out from other competitors in the HR services industry.

The strength that makes Navigos Search standout from the other recruitment search firms.

  • Own a recruiting website that is known by many people and has a huge amount of traffic, large account number of candidates, that is VietnamWorks.

  • Organize professional seminars on HR topics, bringing topical and useful information.

  • Has a broad network, spread across industries and business segments.

What makes customers benefit from outsourcing HR solutions?

Besides maintaining and motivating the current team, companies also need to develop a recruitment plan to ensure human resources and sustainable development of the business. However, nowadays most of the recruitment process from the candidate searching for interviewing can be done effectively thanks to the application of technology. Businesses can use online recruitment solutions or use professional recruitment online platforms such as VietnamWorks and Navigos Search for high-level candidates recruiting. Most of the benefits that businesses can get through using any HR solutions can include:

  • Save recruitment costs - In fact, hiring talented people through global headhunters or executive search, the firm can bring a very reasonable cost. Connecting with headhunter firms will open your business to truly qualified and relevant candidates.

  • Fast in recruiting - Thanks to its extensive recruiting network and experience in assessing appropriate skills, global headhunters always provide candidates in the fastest time. This will help businesses find the right person to serve the development plan of the business in just a short time.

  • Access best candidates network - A weakness of employers when recruiting personnel is that the channel where they can access candidates are too limited. This is to reach a small number of candidates and not many opportunities to find many talented people.

  • Headhunter companies always have more extensive candidate networks through many different channels. Therefore, employers have many opportunities to choose the most suitable employees with short-term and long-term orientation of the business.

Final words

In the future, Navigos Group will step up in the field of personnel solutions, actively compete to improve the market quality; investing in activities that create common values ​​for the community, accompanying businesses; continue to commit to supporting career orientation for young people towards the quality of Vietnamese workers. To find your talented employees as well as support in HR issues, please get in touch with Navigos Search team by filling the form on Contact Page or visit our office on 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.