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Guideline to pick the top human resources consulting firms


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

Human resources are considered to be the most important part of businesses. However, in today's competitive environment with high skill and education labor workforce, attracting suitable candidates that meet business needs and requirements are not as easy as before. Therefore, asking for support from one of the top human resources consulting firms remains a very effective solution for businesses. Let's find out if the HR consulting firm is necessary or not and how to pick the right one for your next talent needed.

Overview of HR consulting firms

Human Resources Consulting Firm, who they are?

Human resource consulting includes consulting activities and implementation of work related to the organization's human resource management and personnel functions. The range of services ranges from covering the work of human resource strategy to designing and implementing a salary & bonus policy framework to the transition of Human Resources functions.

Services that a Human resource consulting firm usually offers:

  • Human resource strategy
  • Compensation policy
  • The human resource core function
  • Talent management
  • Learning, Training & Development Program.

Why do businesses need them?

Using HR solutions from top human resources consulting firms can bring businesses these following benefits:

  1. Boost a major transformation of human resources processes - HR consulting services can assist the director and personnel management of the business to improve the performance of personnel functions. For example, deploying the HR partner model, redesigning the HR process, or Human Resource Information System (HRIS) system.
  2. Help your business outperform competitors and capitalize on new opportunities quickly - HR consultants are hired to support other employees' matters, including from providing personnel support for M&A deals to managing cultural transformation or developing management strategies to get new talent for key business activities.
  3. Provide expert guidance and skills in a particular field or industry -HR consultants are often hired to assist with the major transformations to ensure that the necessary employees and relevant expertise are available to carry out the project.

Tips to choose the top human resources consulting firms

There are many services businesses can outsource from an HR consulting agency. In general, most top human resource consulting firms have provided high-level recruitment and mass recruitment service for all positions for all industries according to customer requirements. In case you consider choosing a recruitment consulting firm, some recommended tips below could help.

  • Meeting and Discuss the problem first - The professional recruitment firm will not forget the meeting and discuss steps at the beginning of any project. Meeting clients help both sides understand the need and methods businesses can get their talented candidates.
  • Clear, accurate information about the fees - A trusted services provider does not add unreasonable fees at the end of the projects. Discuss with them the total fee and make it clear in the contract.
  • Aftercare services - Of course, the top HR consulting firm services including the aftercare services. This helps businesses avoid the risks of candidates to stop their job and move after the probation period. 

At Navigos Search, a leading recruitment firm in Vietnam, we not only provide the best recruitment solutions to client companies but also continue into providing aftercare services. Following each placement, Navigos Search consultants maintain regular contact with both client and candidate to ensure that the two are able to maintain a good relationship that allows for satisfying and successful work experience over a long period.


With the recruitment service from Navigos Search, businesses now can find suitable candidates in the shortest time while still avoiding failure recruitment. Our client's businesses will be directly interviewed and selected candidates, clients just only have to pay when complete in recruiting suitable personnel with the retained search. For HR consulting services or any further information, please contact Navigos Search through the Contact Page or visit us on the 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4,  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.