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Explore how the job recruitment process for executive positions is running


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

Recruitment firms take an important role in the high-level recruitment market. Not only help both C-level candidates and businesses avoid getting defensive and arguing concerning issues related to the implementation of targets, business plans, policies, regimes., etc. Navigos Search, a leading recruitment search firm in Vietnam, has accompanied and assisted candidates to understand their rights in the contract of the enterprise, together with candidates to build agreement between the CEO and the Board of Directors recruiting business. Read more to see how a job recruitment process helps businesses succeed in finding executive positions.

What is the job recruitment process and why is it important?

The job recruitment process mentions the step to step in which the third party (recruitment firm) represents for their clients business in finding the best candidates. The recruitment process for the common position will be a little bit different from it was in the senior to a high-level.

In Vietnam, there are still many companies that do not have a clear and professional recruitment process. One of the big problems that businesses usually get is that hiring staff or recruiters just focus on the directives from higher levels, not on the basis of agreed processes, contracts, and business principles. This is why Navigos Search dedicates itself to expertly helping the businesses with a professional recruitment process as well as support the candidates to take their next high-level move.

The job recruitment process in a high-level position

The job recruitment process for each position will be different from others. But in general, most of them including a basic step that is listed below:

1. Candidate sourcing

The role of an effective candidate sourcing phase helps to find the best suitable candidate for a vacancy with the minimum talent list before transferring it to business. Recruitment firms have their ability to access the market that businesses can not. Besides, they have enough experience to understand the difference between a good and a bad candidate on paper, based on the criteria given by the client businesses. 

In summary, the Candidate Sourcing step is an extremely important part of the process that ensures businesses in both:

  • Find the best candidate for the position;

  • Minimize the number of interviews

2. Job and offer management

This step in the recruitment process usually helps to ensure the HR department or recruitment search firm make the best possible hiring decision for both the business and the candidate. Job management can be broken down into the following parts:

  • Give the opportunity to prospective candidates;

  • Interview preparation and feedback;

  • Ensuring suitable retained search in place

3. Post-placement

After successful recruitment, the retained search provider usually does their post-placement phase. This step makes sure the recruitment firm knows both the candidate and client have any issues with the last successful recruitment. And if the problem exists, the recruitment search firm needs to communicate with them to find the appropriate solution.

What is the difference between a normal recruiting and executive recruiting?

In the simplest terms, an executive candidate is someone who has the knowledge, skills, and attitude to be able to best complete the job at the application and strategic position of the organization. Normally, this is a phrase referring to candidates with high professional qualifications and skills such as CEO, head of the department, director, general manager, ...

A senior candidate is not only good at professional skills but also has extensive knowledge in all fields of politics, life, culture, and society, etc. This characteristic brings the senior recruiting to become hard and strict to get the best for the position.


Attracting high-level candidates requires employers to have extremely smart strategies. Remember, when you have these candidates in the talent pool, the business profits will be many times greater than the cost you spend. Therefore, do not forget to prepare yourself for the quality and professional job recruitment process. Or you can also contact Navigos Search for retained search services, we are here to support businesses in many types of HR solutions in Vietnam. Contact us today or visit us directly on the 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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