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Big rules for working with a job search agency


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

In general, job seekers are not always able to find jobs quickly whenever they are in need, and employers are also the same. Therefore, the job search agency and platform were born to bring the bridge to connect both sides together. Currently, in Vietnam, there are many large and leading recruitment job search sites such as Vietnamworks for common recruitment and Navigos Search in talent shorting. Both of them take a role as a recruitment agency with a job search platform where job seekers can find their job easier. Let's find out what to consider when working with a job search agency in this article.

A summary about a job search agency

The word "job search" mentions the process of finding a job. Based on that many job search agencies were born to support and help job seekers quickly and easily find their wished job.

With the growing and developing of the internet, searching has become extremely simple and fast. It is also an effective tool to help candidates find employment recruitment companies to apply no matter where they are. With one search on the Job Search Page from the recruitment firm or company, now you can get information from hundreds to thousands of results from different businesses with information about vacancies.

What business needs to know before connecting with a job search agency?

Young people or graduated candidates could find it hard to get the right job, rather than just get a job. Besides, there are so many companies out there that have demands to recruit the candidates who fit with their cultures as well as a job requirement. That’s why job search firms appeared to connect candidates and employers together in the most appropriate way.  Below is some subject you can meet when using a job search agency:

  • Job Search Firms not only offer job vacancies - While there is a common misunderstanding that job search agencies only offer temporary jobs, actually it is not. Each job search agency can offer different services. So it is important to research clearly information about the agency you are considering using to make sure it is a good fit for your job search needs or not. Before doing a job search, job seekers can start by researching the agency’s website or even contacting the agency and asking what types of positions they have.

  • Do not be drawn by the word "up to salary" - Businesses and the recruitment search firm know job seekers are always concerned about salaries. So they provide information about attracted salaries and the interesting benefits of companies in the process of searching for candidates. So, do not forget to make sure about the salary you can get when applying for this position or ensure that the negotiation can be easier than you think.

  • Your uploaded CV could be stored and exchanged by many recruiters and headhunters - Most job search platforms ask for applicants to upload their CV before they can apply for any positions. So, consider thoroughly before sending your CV, this step also means that you open-up for a headhunter and recruiter to reach you more easily. It's not good when you are the inactive job seeker, right?

  • Depending on which job search platform you use, you will have to pay a registration fee or other fee to see the full job description or apply for a job. Some job search sites even require membership fees or charge for additional services like profile tracking or analytics to manage your job advertisements (if you are employers).

So, should we choose a job search agency or recruitment agency?

While a job search brings job seekers to reach their wished job easier with lower cost, most employers tend to choose a recruitment agency. This is because a recruitment agency offers many kinds of HR solutions, not only a job search for candidates. So, for businesses who are concerned about HR support and consulting, it would be better to work with a recruitment agency than a job search firm. And choosing a job search platform to find job vacancies easier is highly recommended for job seekers.


So connecting with a job search firm for getting a job, both employers and job seekers now can get advanced benefits. If you are in need of support in recruiting or finding a new career move Navigos Search can help you with our services. Contact Navigos Search for HR consulting services or recruitment solution via our Contact Page or visit us at Navigos Search - 20th floor, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo Str., Ward 12, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam