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Top ideas to improve your company recruitment process


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

over 1 year ago

A company recruitment process impacts directly on the success of talent recruiting as well as creates new inspirations for brand employment. 5 ways below will help to improve your business employment process quickly and effectively. A good hiring process will help businesses find the brightest candidates for themselves. 

Tips to improve your company hiring process

1. Refresh the recruitment information with interesting things

Updating recruitment information and bringing interesting things in the business employment process is considered as one of the ways to create a positive, sympathetic view from potential candidates for your own business. Especially those who have the ability and more or less professional experience, and the core they need to look for is the working environment.

Updating recruitment information and bringing interesting things in the business employment process is considered as one of the ways to create a positive, sympathetic view from potential candidates for your own business.

So, what will create interesting things? Try to change the presentation of recruitment information with basic information items or you can be more creative using illustrations, along with engaging writing. The recruitment information form is designed to be witty, funny, unique ... The more interesting the job posting information, the more candidates willing to submit their CV. This will be quite impressive, especially when your company aims to be new, creative, interesting when describing the job for talented candidates.

2. Demonstrate professionalism to the interview candidates

The company culture is extremely important to the candidates. This is reflected in the professional working style of each stage in the interview process. The warm welcome from the first meet can help the candidate will have a good impression of the business. Show your professional working style to candidates through punctuality, friendly smiles, polite communication.

a company recruitment process

3. Demonstrate a polite and warm attitude to the candidate

Many employers may not realize the importance of this element. But it still really affects the mentality of the candidate. Show your business advantage, and make a good attitude with the candidates as they are the most important person.

Employers should be delighted to have the opportunity to meet them and invite them to the interview round by calling directly and emailing the notice. At the same time, you should show your respect for candidates by sending feedback emails for both successful and unsuccessful candidates, and also apply this method for both candidates to apply directly at the company.

company recruitment process

4. Predict the needs of the candidate and show your company professional

The candidates always want to know more about their upcoming working environment. If you can arrange to take them a tour around your working office after the interview, the candidates will appreciate your brands.  Do not forget to provide the candidates with some additional information, practical documents about your business.

At the same time, the receptionist is considered to be the face of your business. So you should discuss the schedule of the interview and provide the necessary information so that the staff can give thorough guidance for candidates before they enter the interview.

5. Have more meetings with current company employees

If you are confident enough to introduce the quality of your business work environment, do not hesitate to create opportunities for candidates to have short meetings with their upcoming colleagues. This exchange process helps candidates feel the real working environment inside your business and helps them visualize what to do in the future if they are accepted.

Even if the meeting only takes about 1 hour, this will help candidates have a better view of the position, the role they are applying for. This is an interesting thing your business should consider to add to your business employment process. Because it demonstrates your company's efforts to ensure long-term cooperation.

company recruitment process


You will make a job offer with an applicant but that candidate is still not sure whether to work at your business or not. They may still be considering other competing offers. But the opportunity remains if your company influences them with the appropriate surprises. Try the 5 ways to improve a company recruitment process we mentioned above, and your business will be completely capable of "recruiting" the best talent candidates for the senior or high-level positions. For consulting with Navigos Search, a leading executive search firm in Vietnam, please feel free to get in touch with us by filling the form on the contact page or visit us on floor 20, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh.

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