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This is how leading recruitment consultants in Vietnam attract best-talented employees


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

10 months ago

Nowadays, more and more companies realize that investing in human resources is a profitable way of investing. Human resource consultants optimize businesses’ talent resources by getting the right people in the right place to get the most powerful of them. This type of consulting also referred to as "organizational development" or "change management", is one of the hottest areas of consultancy today. Customers hire human resource consulting companies as an important part of the organizational restructuring plan. We will find out more about how headhunters consultancy can bring businesses the best benefits through this article.

Introduce about job consultancy in Vietnam

What is a headhunter consulting firm?

job consultancy in vietnam

Headhunter consultancy is one of the popular recruiting services - deployed by specialized recruitment solutions, advising businesses in many areas. They also help to find candidates who are well suitable for the job position.

Headhunters may be the most effective option for businesses that need recruiting employees nowadays. There can be more differences between the traditional recruitment process. Specifically, a headhunter firm supports businesses in finding and screening candidates for specific vacancies. So, what are the main tasks of the job consultancy in Vietnam?

What benefits headhunter consultancy services bring to businesses?

Although it costs a large budget to use headhunter firms, this kind of HR service still attracts many organizations by their benefits and improvement. Below are some benefits that headhunter consulting services can bring for their clients:

headhunter consulting firm

  • Save time: HR department can spend more time to solve the problems of salaries, bonuses, social insurance, policies. A headhunter consulting firm can support businesses by advising them with their knowledge, skills, and experience in many industries.

  • Save on recruitment costs: Instead of putting effort and money into recruiting, do a campaign to find candidates whose results may be uncertain. Headhunters only charge you when you have found a candidate.

  • Save on project costs: Imagine if you're running a project in a rush and need people for immediate support. But Human Resources is lumbering about recruiting and cannot keep up the progress. Now the headhunter will be your good solution.

headhunters consultancy

How recruitment consultants can attract best-talented employees?

Connecting with headhunter consultancy service can help businesses get over the human resources problem or gain the right candidates in just a short time without any concern about failure recruitment. Especially with a labor market that always faces the shortage of talented employees today. Below are 3 kinds of services in which the headhunters can help your businesses replace the empty position in perfect ways.

  1. Mass Recruitment:

Mass recruitment is recruiting services in which headhunters support businesses to recruit a large number of candidates from low and standard levels. Mass Recruitment requires headhunter to have experience in screening candidates and evaluating speed CVs.

Due to a large number of recruitment requirements but still required quality assurance, Mass Recruitment is suitable for those who are agile and capture good information. But in return, Mass Recruitment does not require too high on the experience and expertise of the candidate.

  1. Contingency Search:

Also known as Executive Search Selection (ESS), contingency search is the most popular headhunting service. To be able to interview the candidates from the Senior level or Manager who have enough personal experience and skills, the headhunter must also have the specialized knowledge of the candidate and understand the Module of the Client to be able to find the right audience.

By the difficulty of the recruitment, the commission of the headhunter in these services is also much higher than the Mass Recruitment. For both Mass Recruitment and Contingency Search, the client only has to pay the service fee when recruited.

headhunters consultancy

  1. Retained Search:

Retained Search is a special recruitment service that employers have to pay a fee for a headhunter in advance. Headhunter, on the other hand, has to pledge to find a suitable candidate within a certain time or under a contract agreement. Retained Search is the hardest and highest cost segment in Headhunt service.

Because candidates are usually above senior-level or C-level (CEO, CFO, Director, ...), to be able to convince these candidates, Headhunter required to be extremely ingenious and extensive knowledge in that field.


Headhunter consulting firms take as intermediaries to help find candidates, guarantee a part of the candidate's ability, especially during their probationary period. This can greatly reduce the risk of hiring new employees. Businesses will also have to bear less administrative costs and burdens if the probationary leaves. With the senior or manager positions, the risk in every hiring becomes higher, using an executive search firm or headhunter consultancy can be a good choice. In Navigos Search, we help our client to find their right talent candidates with a high success rate. To be consulted by our talent consultant, please get in touch with us by filling the form on the contact page or visit us on floor 20, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh.