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Things job seekers need to know about Recruitment Agency (Headhunter) and Employment Agency


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

7 months ago

When approaching the recruiting, we often meet the word headhunting. But the fact that the recruitment contains many different concepts such as executive search, headhunter or recruitment agency, or employment agency. Most of us just aware these multiplicity things are about recruitment. But the work of a recruitment agency has nothing the same as with the job that a recruitment company will support businesses with. If your businesses are looking for a third party in recruiting, this post will help.

Headhunters and employment agency are separate things

What is a headhunter doing outside?

When a business client submits a request to recruit people, headhunters will seek the company's database, recruitment sites, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. to find people matching customers' requirements. The headhunter will then interview, test, and evaluate the candidate before sending the list of best candidates to customers. So only when candidates experience, skill, and knowledge matches all the requirements of the business, the "headhunter" will contact them.

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Most headhunters will spend their time looking for candidates for their business clients and rarely willing to find jobs for candidates because ... candidates do not pay them. That’s why most of the headhunters choose to work for a recruitment firm. However, to increase your chances of getting a good job, a job seeker can spread the resume for all "headhunters" or connect to the famous one.

What is an employment agency do?

In contrast to the "headhunters", the recruitment company focuses on providing job search services for candidates and charging candidates for this service. This service is not very popular in Vietnam because the price is quite expensive for candidates. The Vietnam employment agency often takes the candidate’s one month salary or more. Because of the high cost, these employment recruiters guarantee to find jobs for candidates and then collect fees.

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When should you choose a recruitment agency and when to choose an employment agency?

It is difficult to analyze which service is better, but you can choose the service based on your desires. 

  • A recruitment company can help you in case you are a newbie in the industry and do not have any senses about the good employer brands to choose from. The recruitment company that owns a wide network will suggest the best suitable environment culture. With the professional recruitment process, the recruitment company can help market your resume provide you with additional exposure to potential employers. This solution can be a good choice if you are in a high-level position where jobs are not always advertised, or in an industry that typically uses search firms to fill vacancies.

  • A headhunter mission is looking for employment opportunities. They will help you in case you do not have time to research a new job or eventually you already have a job but need a better one. In addition, the headhunter can also help you negotiate a compensation package.

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Compared to the "headhunter", the "recruitment agency" is a better solution for you who need a job. For example, if 3 months can't find a job, it means 3 months without salary, but if in 1 month the "recruitment agency" finds a job for you, you will have an income 2 months earlier. After paying 1 month's service fee, you still have one month's salary instead of not having any money.


Headhunters spend their time researching employment opportunities. While a recruitment company helps job seekers to find their better career move. If your business needs help for the next recruiting, consider contacting the Navigos Search, a leading executive search firm in Vietnam. Please feel free to get in touch with us by filling out the form on the contact page or visit us on floor 20, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh.

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