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Portrait of executive search consultant in Vietnam: Career advice from Navigos Search


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

3 months ago

The manager or C-level employees play a key role in the company, attract and persuade them to join your organization sometimes take more time and budget than you think. That’s why the executive search consultant services were born. The recruitment consultants in Vietnam provide a solution to find the most suitable candidates for senior or high-level positions. The executive search consultant ensures businesses will have the talent candidates that best suit the work requirements & corporate culture environment by supporting businesses with deep knowledge and experienced advice. To understand more about the recruitment consultants in Vietnam, please take a look at our below article.

Overview of the executive search consultant career in Vietnam

What is an executive search consultant?

Executive consulting services are the solution that supports businesses in finding the most suitable candidates for senior and high-level positions. Play a key role in the organizations or headhunter agencies, executive search consultant research, attract, and persuade high-level employees to participate in the hiring process.

executive search consultant salary

What do executive search consultants do?

1. Advising and proposing the profession of attracting and recruiting talents, including:

  • Access and create sources of senior management and high-level positions.

  • Interview, evaluate, and consult to select candidates for positions from Senior, high-level, and above.

  • Participate in professional training to attract and recruit talented employees throughout the system.

  • Take the lead in advising and analyzing to give optimal implementation solutions related to recruitment. Participate in inspection and control projects and programs to ensure strict and effective management of the attraction and recruitment of talents.

2. Proposing measures to create sources, build a network, develop attractive and recruiting channels suitable for each locality, and each recruiting position; negotiate human resource service contracts so that we can search and create a database of senior management personnel, qualified professionals, benefiting the Bank.

executive consultant

3. Participating in the development of recruiting deployment tools: recruitment software, forms, test, and evaluate candidates and make requirements to build recruitment procedures and regulations to serve. Screening, selection of candidates.

4. Identify inadequacies and risks that need to be adjusted in the course of performing related jobs to attract and recruit talents, consult, warn, propose solutions for situations/tasks complex.

10. Making reports, analyzing, proposing, and giving new ideas and methods to improve the quality of work.

How to become a successful consultant in Vietnam?

To be able to become a talent hunting or executive search who can help businesses find suitable candidates for a key position, recruitment consultants need to be dynamic and have in-depth knowledge about the industry. Below are some key points you should consider if you want to become a successful recruitment consultants in vietnam.

  • Wide and deep understanding of the recruiting industry (human resources, labour market…)

  • Having perfect skills in communication, relationship creation, interviewing, mentoring, etc.

  • Ability to analyze candidates' psychology. Grasp the psychology and classify personality and motivation, work goals.

  • Ability to handle situations.

recruitment consultants in vietnam
  • Having a good relationship with many associations, networking with companies/individuals that provide recruitment services;

  • Ability to grasp the job well, under high pressure.

How about the executive search consultant salary in Vietnam?

According to the Job seeker’s salary report in Vietnam in 2019 (conducted by Vietnamworks), the average current income for a standard level HR consultant from Vietnam usually ranges from VND 7,000,000 to VND 10,000,000. The more experiences and skills you have, the more chances you can get a higher salary. In another situation, for one who works for a headhunter agency, the executive consultant only lives based on their commission on successful hiring. You will have many job opportunities for this exciting HR job in every province and country across the country.


Do not simply stop at degree achievement, professionally knowledgeable in recruitment. But an HR Consultant should also understand many other business segments, such as businessmen, marketing, IT, accounting ... Chasing with building and expanding relationships is one of the main factors that bring success to executive consultants. To see more how executive search can help your businesses find the right talent, let's meet with Navigos Search, a leading executive search firm in Vietnam. We offer businesses and job seekers with high-quality recruitment solutions, please feel free to get in touch with us by filling the form in the contact page or visit us on floor 20, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh

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