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How many kinds of HR services are there and how to know what is best for your businesses?


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

7 months ago

A recruitment service is not a new concept in Vietnam. However, this kind of service is still not very popular because most businesses seem not really understand about how recruitment services can bring them benefits. To help them have a deep look at HR services in Vietnam as well as how and what benefits the business can get from human resources businesses partner, please see more in Navigos Search today’s article.

The role of HR services in businesses development

What is a recruitment service?

Recruitment service is a service provided by a recruitment agency (the company which provides executive recruiters for human resources and recruiting service) to businesses that need to recruit employees. These HR providers are the third parties seeking and selecting the most suitable candidates for businesses that need to recruit workers.

Don't confuse a recruiting agency with an employment agency. A recruitment agency is the headhunter help to find employees, their customers are businesses that need to recruit workers. And an employment agency then introduces jobs for job seekers, their customers are employees. Besides these particular hr service providers, there are many kinds of hr services including HR Strategy, HR Offices, and Management Talents.

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Why use HR services?

Recruiting human resources takes a lot of time, some businesses cannot invest enough time to recruit quality employees. In some cases, when businesses require large numbers of employees then outsourcing a human resources business partner will make sense in reducing hiring costs and time.

Employers really need to recruit the right people but do not have time to search, the recruiting service will perform this search on their behalf and meet exactly the specific requirements of the business. Therefore, businesses will have more time for interviewing and selecting talented candidates.

How many kinds of HR services are there? 

There are many kinds of HR services nowadays, from contingency search, retained search and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services. Most HR service provider’s main roles are to help businesses to run a hiring process more effectively, improve their talent pool by acquiring the skilled candidates.

There also are some HR services that are divided into 3 parts according to the human resources departments, including Strategy, Managing Talent and HR Office.

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  • HR Strategy - Human Resource Strategy is a direction for a long-term plan created to achieve goals in the human resource field as well as human capital management and development in the organization. Outsourcing HR strategy helps businesses get free from human management while having more time to focus on core activities.

  • HR Office - HR office activities could include keeping staff engaged at work, providing advancement opportunities, cross-training, and building reward programs. These activities can make businesses stuck and can not focus on the core activities, then outsourcing HR Office services can help businesses out of these complicated things.

  • Managing Talent - This kind of HR service is the biggest and most important service that businesses should take attention to. People not only are the powerful elements bring the success of businesses but also decide the growth of business activities. Attracting new talent and remaining the good one is very important to help business improve their strength and grow up rapidly. 

When do you need to partner with the HR services provider?

  • Human resource companies can assist you in finding talent shortages

In many cases, an employee is suddenly terminated in a labour contract or resigns. These abuses can create big problems in your business activities. Especially for senior positions or high-levels. HR search firms would be a great solution that helps businesses to find their right candidates in a short time.

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  • The special HR service provider also offers temporary, short-term employees, which call staffing agency

Employees outsource for a short time to meet the company's needs until the job is over. These human resources firms exist to find temporary staff for businesses. By using staffing services, businesses can still focus on their core business activities without affecting the human resources structure for a short time.


Depending on the business needs, strategies and requirements, each HR service provider will offer different solutions that can meet the unique needs of each business. Therefore, using human resource service firms can be a smart choice that Vietnamese businesses need to use to focus development resources to keep up with international integration. For consulting with Navigos Search, a leading executive search firm in Vietnam, please feel free to get in touch with us by filling the form on the contact page or visit us on floor 20, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh.

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