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How an employment agency in Vietnam helps you to find a job?


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

7 months ago

With the growing demand in the labour workforce, more and more employment agencies were born to help businesses clients and job seekers in finding their next better job or right employees. An employment recruiter usually helps businesses in replacement for high-level and important roles while an employment agency tends to help both businesses and employees who seek a job meet each other. Now let’s see how an employment agency can help you with your job search.

Overview of an employment agency in Vietnam

What is an employment agency?

In Vietnam, an employment agency provides recruitment solutions for both employers and employees. While the business clients pay an agency to help them find the right candidates, then job seekers usually apply to specific positions through the employment agency, or eventually, contact the employment agency directly when they are looking for the next career move.

employment agency in Vietnam 

What is the difference between the employment agency and employment recruiters?

Employment recruiters can work for an HR department in organizations, for an employment agency or working independently. While the employment agency takes a role as a third party, who connects employers and employees. In Vietnam, the employment agency helps businesses interview job seekers and places them in suitable positions by connecting the client with suitable job seekers in their databases.

Should we use an employment recruiter or an employment agency?

There are some advantages and disadvantages when choosing recruiters or employment agencies to help you find your next job. In case you are considering which is the best suitable for you, a recruiter, or an employment agency, please check out some following notes below.

  • Working with recruiters: You want to work personally, simply, and as smallest a budget as it can. So asking for help from an employment recruiter could be a good idea. The professional employment recruiter will help you get the right position and always available to you via email or phone. 

employment agency Ho Chi Minh
  • Working with an employment agency - It takes more steps and everything could be much more considered than working with independent recruiters. If you sign a contract with an employment agency, you should accept them to save your resume in their databases and it could bring you some disturbance after then. Your databases can be sold or exchanged from many job agencies. But an employment agency also has the advantage that you do not worry about anything and get the best consulting from them. You can surely be guaranteed from them to meet a job in a short time with an affordable fee.

Tips to use an employment agency in Vietnam to get a job

If you choose to connect with an employment agency Vietnam to get your next job, some following notes will help you have more confidence.

  • Prepare for the interview with an employment agency in the first step - The employment agency might set up an interview with you to know more about your background, work skills, and experience. Treat this interview exactly as you would an interview with your wished organization. Make sure you are well-prepared for the interview question, your industry knowledge, experience, and skill. Your appearance and attitude are very important.

  • Show your honest and clear future pictures about your career - The more you clear your goals, the more employment services can be done successfully. Show the employment agency directly if you do not want to work on weekends or do not want to work in a company own the formal culture.

If you choose to connect with an employment agency Vietnam to get your next job, some following notes will help you have more confidence
  • Say no if something is not fit for you - If you truly feel the position which the employment agency offered is not fit with you, be honest with the recruiter. And do not show it to them, so they can help you in the next step.


There are so many ways that could help you find your right job, but the important thing you must do now is deciding which is a better choice than fits you. A recruiter with a minimum budget, working directly, and reducing contracting or employment agency with the professional recruiting process, it bases on your style. If you are looking for a job search company to support you in finding a job, then the Vietnam employment agency can be a better choice nowadays. Some employment agency Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam offers both employers and employees with any kind of recruitment solution at an affordable price. Contact Navigos Search consultant team now by filling the form in the contact page or visit us on floor 20, Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh

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